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List of all our Blog Posts

Hearing Direct's Blog

Here at hearing direct we have spent 10 years pulling together helpful posts. We want you to get the best from your hearing aids and find all the help you need.

This is an alphabetical list of all our blog posts from the last 10 years.

[Infographic] Types of Hearing Aids

10 Christmas Gift Ideas

10 facts about hearing loss

10 Most Annoying Noises

10 most risky jobs for your hearing

10 Tips for Looking after your Hearing

10 top tips on navigating social events with hearing loss

10 Warning signs of hearing loss

20 Musicians With Hearing Loss & Tinnitus

5 of our Favourite Hearing Loss Myths

5 Prevalent Causes of Hearing Loss

5 Reasons to Test your hearing

5 Reasons to use a Storage Case for your Hearing Aid

5 reasons you may have clogged ear

5 Reasons you may have Muffled Hearing

5 tips for keeping your hearing safe in cold weather

8 causes of ringing in the ears


A Guide to Assistive Listening Devices

A Guide to different types of hearing loss

A Guide to hearing aids

A Hearing Aid To Pair With Your Iphone And Ipad

A New Windpipe...A New Ear?

A Visit To Hanover

Advanced Hearing Aids

Age related hearing loss: Causes, Symptoms, and management

Alarm Clocks for heavy sleepers

All in the Dark

Am I Going Deaf?

Amplicom PowerTel 580 Phase Base

Amplicom PowerTel 68 Review

Amplicom PowerTel 700 Compared To PowerTel 500

Amplicomms BigTel 200 Amplified Cordless Phone Review

Amplicomms BigTel 202 Amplified Phone Review

Amplicomms HC200 Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaner Review

Amplicomms HS 1200 Wireless TV Listener Review

Amplicomms PowerTel 60 Amplified Phone Review

Amplicomms PowerTel Amplified Phone Range Review

Amplicomms TV 2500 Wireless TV Listener Review

Amplified Corded Desk Phones Review

Amplified Cordless Phones Review

Amplified Phones Not Just For The Hard Of Hearing

An Idiot Abroad

Answer Phones For The Hard of Hearing

Are Small Hearing Aids the next big thing?


Behind the ear or In the ear hearing aids

Best Alarm Clocks for Deaf People

Best Android apps for the hard of Hearing

Best Phones For The Hard Of Hearing

Best Phones with Big Keys Compared

Black Friday Deals from Hearing Direct 2018

Bluetooth Hearing Aids & How To Enhance Your Listening Experience

Bone Anchored and Other Hearing Aids

Brain Shrinkage and Age related hearing loss

Bringing Up The Topic Of Hearing Loss With An Elderly Parent

Build Your Own Hearing Aid Maintenance Kit

Buying Hearing Aids Online

Buying Hearing aids: 20 things you should know


Can Earbuds lead to hearing loss

Can Hearing Aids Make My Hearing Worse?

Can hearing loss be improved naturally

Can Hearing Loss Be Prevented?

Cat got your hearing aid

Celebrities who wear hearing aids

Cheap hearing aids from hearing direct

Cheap Rioja Charity Fund Appeal

Choosing a hearing aid

Choosing Hearing Aid Batteries

Christmas is not a good time for those with fat fingers

Christmas Present Ideas for the Elderly

Common Hearing Aid Batteries Questions & Answers

Common problems and solutions when using hearing aids

Communication tips for the hard of hearing

Comparison Between The Geemarc CL100 And Geemarc PhotoPhone 100

Conductive Hearing Loss: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Confidence and The 60 Plus Worker

Cotton Bud Alternatives

Cyber monday deals from hearing direct 2017


Dangers Of Hearing Loss In Motor Vehicles

Devices for the Hard of Hearing in the Home and Workplace

Diabetes and Hearing Loss

Diagnosing Age Related Hearing loss early

Digital Hearing Care By Hearing Direct

Dispensing with Tradition

Do Candles Remove Ear Wax

Do Hearing Aids Restore Hearing?

Do I have Hearing Loss?

Do You Do Hearing Aids For The Elderly?

Does Hearing Loss Affect Balance

Does Hearing Loss Affect Only The Elderly?

Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids? (2018)

Driving With Hearing Loss


Ear Popping Problems

Earache types and treatments

Easy To Use Hearing Aids

Everything Including The Kitchen Sink...

Extra Loud Desk Phone Christmas Present Idea

Extra Loud Doorbell Options


Finding a Hearing Specialist

Flashing Doorbell for Hearing Impaired Reviewed

Flashing Phones For The Deaf and Hard Of Hearing

Flying with Hearing Aids is easy

Free Hearing Aids


Geemarc AmpliDECT 350 Amplified Cordless Phone Review

Geemarc AmpliPower 50 Hands On Review

Geemarc CL100 Amplified Phone Review

Geemarc CL7400 TV Listener Review

Geemarc Serenities Emergency Response Phone Review

Geemarc Serenities Review

Geemarc sonic alert SBP100 Review

Great Combinations

Guide to Invisible Hearing Aids 2018


Hard Of Hearing Aids For The Home

Hard of Hearing Alam Clocks Christmas Present Idea

Hard Of Hearing Corded Phones Christmas Present Idea

Hard Of Hearing Cordless Phones Christmas Present Idea

HD350 Hearing Aid An Honest Review

Headphones & Hearing Loss: What you Need to know

Health Complications of unmanaged hearing loss

Hearing Aid Batteries Colour Index

Hearing Aid Batteries Manufacturers

Hearing Aid Batteries Technology

Hearing Aid Battery Manufacturers

Hearing aid battery reviews

Hearing Aid Battery Sizes Explained

Hearing Aid Cleaning

Hearing Aid Distortion of Sound

Hearing Aid Glasses

Hearing Aid Inconsistency Explained

Hearing Aid Insurance

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Hearing Aid Manufacturers: Overview and History

Hearing Aid Reviews 2019

Hearing Aid Sizes

Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing Aids 2014 the year of smart technology

Hearing aids clicking sound

Hearing Aids Colors

Hearing Aids For Music Listening

Hearing Aids for Telephones

Hearing Aids Forums

Hearing Aids Home Visits

Hearing Aids Side Effects

Hearing aids slow dementia

Hearing Aids Technical Terms

Hearing Aids Trends in 2012

Hearing Amplifiers vs. Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss & Relationships: How to Beat the Statistics

Hearing Loss and Stem Cell Therapy For Hair Cells

Hearing loss in one ear

Hearing Loss in Young People

Hearing Loss Level Classification

Hearing Loss Prevention Drugs

Hearing The Birds

Here We Go Loop the Loop

Hidden Hearing Aids Types

How a hearing aid works

How can fitness be made more accessible for the hearing impaired?

How long do Hearing Aid Batteries last?

How long do Hearing Aids last?

How much do hearing aid batteries cost

How Much does a Hearing Aid Cost?

How The Ear Works

How To Claim For Noise Induced Hearing Loss [Infographic]

How to Clean Ears

How To Connect a TV Listener To Your TV

How to deflect wind from hearing aids

How to donate hearing aids

How to extend the life of a hearing aid

How to get a hearing aid?

How to Get Rid of Ear Wax at Home

how to get the best from your hearing aid

How To Get Used To Wearing Hearing Aids

How To go About Repairing A Hearing Aid

How to keep a hearing aid from falling off

How To Keep In Touch With Hearing Direct

How to Maintain Good Ear Hygiene

How to Persuade a Parent to Use Hearing Aids

How to remove ear wax

How to spot hearing loss in teens

How To Store Hearing Aid Batteries

How To Support Someone With Hearing Aids

How to Support your hearing impaired partner

Human Hearing Range

Hygiene and Cleaning of the Hearing Aid


I need the loudest phone you have!

I’m Not An Idiot, I’m Being Attacked!!

Information On UK Hearing Dogs

Information Technology and Hearing Aids

Is fine dining in a noisy restaurant damaging your hearing?

Is Hearing Loss Hereditary?

Is It Possible To Buy Hearing Aids For Someone Else?

Is it safe to buy hearing aids online?

Is Wearing Ear Plugs at Night a Good Idea?


Large Button Phones Types and Considerations

Latest Bluetooth Assistive Listening Devices by Amplicomms

Latest Hearing Loss Aids

Latest Simple Phones for Older People

Listen Up! The Ultimate Hearing Loss Infographic

Listening Aids For The Hard Of Hearing

Loading the Dice for Christmas

Loud Alarm Clocks for the Hearing Impaired

loud or LOUD

Loudspeaker Phones For The Hard Of Hearing


Making the most of your telecoil settings

Making the Workplace More Accessible for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Matching Like With Like

Meniere's disease: Causes, Symptoms and treatment

Meniere's Suitable Hearing Aids

Modern Hearing Aids

Moisture in your Hearing Aid?

Motorcycle Riders and Hearing Loss


Nano Coating Technology Hearing Aids

New Amplified Phones, Hearing Aid Accessories & Alarms 2017

New Hearing aid News

New Hearing Aids When To Replace An Old One?

New Hearing Aids, Accessories and Amplified Phones: October 2016

New TV Listeners, Hearing Aids & Accessories: November 2016

New Year's Hearing Resolution


Obtaining a Hearing Aid for a relative abroad

One or Two Hearing Aids

Online Hearing Tests - How accurate are they?

Over the ear vs ITE hearing aids

Over-Engineered, Over-Sold and Over-Priced

Overcoming Hearing Loss During Travelling


Phonak Hearing Aids Cleaning Care and Tips

Phones for Deaf People What to look for?

Phones For The Elderly

Popular Big Button Phones

Popular Hearing Aid Accessories

Popular Speakerphones For Hard Of Hearing

Preventing Hearing Loss From Getting Worse

Protect your hearing during garden work

Protecting Hearing Aids in the Summer

Pub Grub died alongside Plain English


Rayovac Mercury Free Hearing Aid Batteries Review

Receiver in ear versus behind the ear hearing aids explained

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries

Rechargeable hearing aids Guide

Recommended hearing aids for glasses wearers

Reducing Hearing Aid Hair Noises

Reducing Infection Led Hearing Loss

Reducing your Hearing Aid Batteries costs

Regenerating Sensory Hair Cells To Treat Hearing Loss

ReSound Alera Hearing Aids Review

Resound hearing aids cleaning care and tips

Resound Verso Hearing Aids Review

Rinne Test: Procedure and Results Explained


Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Siemens Hearing Aids Cleaning and Care Tips

Social Media Transforming Communication For The Hearing Impaired & Deaf

Solutions For Answering The Phone When Wearing Hearing Aids

Solutions to manage hearing loss

Spectacle Hearing Aids Explained

Spotlight On Lewisham Deaf Children Society

Stars Need Clear Labelling

Summary Of The New Mack's Earplugs Range

Surfing In The 50's


Take a fresh look at your hearing health

Take Time To Tune In

Telephone ringer amplifiers compared

Telephones Compatible with Hearing Aids

Telephones with Loud Ringers

The Best Amplified Cordless Phones For The Elderly

The Best Amplified Phones For Seniors

The challenges of hearing loss and learning disabilities

The Development of Hearing Aids Over Time

The effect of unmanaged hearing loss on work productivity

The gift of Hearing at Christmas

The GNResound LiNX

The Hearing Aid Council

The Hearing Impaired guide to the world cup

The history of hearing aids

The Impact of Unmanaged Hearing Loss

The Importance Of A Good Fit

The important job of ear wax

The Latest Hearing Aid Technology

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Teenagers

The Pros and Cons of shopping online

The Stigma Of Wearing Hearing Aids

The World Of Hearing Aid Manufacture

They are Really That Small

Tinnitus Maskers To Ease The Condition

Tips For Drying Ear Canal Before Inserting Hearing Aid

Tips for unblocking your ears

Too Big to Care

Top iPhone apps for the hard of hearing

Top tips for shopping with hearing loss

Top wearable technology for hard of hearing

Treatment for Hearing Loss

Troubleshooting Hearing Aids

TV For Hard Of Hearing

TV Headphones for the Hard of Hearing

TV Hearing Aids

TV Hearing Aids for 2015 Offering the Latest in Connectivity

TV Listeners For Digital Televisions

Two Of The Best TV Hearing Aids Currently Available

Types Of Telephones For The Elderly

Types Of TV Hearing Aids


Used Hearing Aids: Should you, would you?

Useful ways to spend £6700


Valentines Day gift for the hard of hearing

Vibrating Alarm Clocks comparison 2018


Washington Post Reports on Hearing Aid Study

Waterproof Hearing Aids: What you need to know

Wax Cleaning Kits and Protection

We Are One

Wearing a hearing aid in the rain

What are CIC Hearing Aids?

What are Hearing Aids?

What Are Reverse Slope Hearing Aids

What Causes Hearing Loss?

What causes vertigo

What Does 'Hearing Aid Compatible Mean?'

What is a hearing aid?

What Is a Hearing Loop System?

What is Cookie Bite hearing loss

What is Cyber Monday and should I care?

What is hearing impairment?

What is Noise Induced Hearing Loss

What is noise pollution

What is Sudden hearing loss

What is Telecoil?

What is the difference between conductive and sensorineural hearing loss?

What Is Tinnitus, & How To Cope With It

What To Expect From A Hearing Aid

What To Expect When Wearing A Hearing Aid For The Very First Time

What Will 2013 Bring In Terms Of Hard Of Hearing Aids?

What you need to know about Itchy Ears

What You Should Know When Ordering With Hearing Direct

When Hearing Aids Are No Longer Effective

When Is A Hearing Aid A Hearing Aid?

When Is A Hearing Aid Good Enough?

When should you get a Hearing Aid

When Technology Provides Real Benefits

When To Discuss Hearing Loss With Your GP

When Waiting Is Optional Please Be Patient

Where to buy hearing aids?

Where to find hearing aid advice

Where To Recycle Hearing Aid Batteries

Which Amplified Phones operate without a mains supply

Which are the best hearing aids to buy

Which hearing aid batteries are the best

which hearing aid is best

Which Hearing Protection for Children

Who Are Action on Hearing Loss

Why a Hearing Aid Makes Static Noise

Why Amplified Speakerphones

Why are Hearing Aids so difficult to compare?

Why Do Most People Wear Two Hearing Aids Rather Than One?

Why I Can't Hear out of One Ear

Why Should I protect my hearing

Why we decided on Rayovac Batteries

Widex Clear Hearing Aids Review

Will long hair diminish a hearing aid's performance?

Work related noise induced hearing loss

World's loudest alarm clock

”What is Unilateral Hearing loss”


You're More Important than Simon Cowell

Your favourite brand at our value for money prices

Your First Hearing Aid And What It Can Do For You

Your waiting room, your choice?

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