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ReSound Alera Hearing Aids Review

ReSound has been developing hearing aids since 1943 and through the years have proved to offer high-quality products, whose users benefit from the latest and most innovative features.

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The Alera range, in particular, offers the possibility to experience the richness of sounds and understand speech in a new, improved way. You wil find 4 different types of this particular brand – Alera 4, 5, 7 and 9.

The Alera 4 hearing aids are a great choice for those looking for a budget option within a quality hearing aid. Although the devices do not include all the successful features that are available in the Alera platform, they still benefit from the most important sound processing technologies of the brand, which are responsible for better speech understanding and quality of sound. Useful features are WARP Compression (a patented method of amplification), DFS – Digital Feedback Suppression, Surround Sound by ReSound and PhoneNow (allowing better hearing over the phone).

Some models offer 2.4 GHz wireless technology, but if this is a main requirement for the user, it is advisable to choose other platform models, where this option is better developed.

The Alera 5 hearing aids also offer great amplification and feedback suppression options, as well as excellent wireless connectivity and full access to the 4 ReSound Unite wireless accessories:

  • ReSound Unite Remote Control– the easiest way to adjust your hearing aid
  • ReSound Unite PhoneClip- a hands free device that allows a wireless connection between the hearing aid and a Bluetooth®-enabled phone
  • ReSound Unite TV– a device that wirelessly transmits the sound of different audio devices to the hearing aid
  • ReSound Unite Mini-Microphone– a microphone that conveniently amplifies the sound during a conversation in a noisy environment or when placed in front of the speakers of an audio device

The Alera 5 line is the perfect choice for those looking for a hearing aid that provides excellent wireless connectivity at a good price.

The next option within the platform is the Alera 7 line, which is famous for the high quality of the provided sound that is greatly enhanced by its 17 channels technology. The user is able to experience the Surround Sound feature at its best, as well as the excellent options for fine-tuning. The range of hearing aid models is quite diverse – receiver in the ear, in the ear and behind the ear. The “Fusion BTE” in particular is a perfect option for users whose hearing loss is moderate, but could escalate to severe with time. The great amplification options will allow making the necessary adjustments and in this way spare the necessity to buy a new hearing aid.

If you want to experience the best devices the platform can offer, you have to go to for the Alera 9 hearing aids. These devices include all of the above-mentioned features, as well as some provided only for this particular model:

  • Environmental Optimiser II
  • Personalised noise reduction
  • Natural directionality II
  • Autoscope Directionality
  • Full version of NoiseTracker II & Windguard
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