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Surfing In The 50's

This week I have been working on a new catalogue which is designed to provide a printed version of our website for use by those without internet connection or ‘surfing’ experience. We receive many requests for such an item as there are a number of people who have friends or relatives that are interested in our range of products and services but have yet to embrace the modern internet phenomenon.

Not surprising then that many people ask me why I thought launching a website whose products and services are frequently bought by the over 50’s age group was a good idea. “Surely these people don’t use the internet much and when they do it’s just to email jokes and funny videos to their friends”. A comment from someone I met recently. In reply, I shared some facts with her and I thought you may find them interesting too:

  • 54% of over 50’s use the internet and they represent 30% of all users
  • 79% have visited
  • 79% believe technology has changed their life for the better
  • The over 50’s account for 30% of all online purchases
  • Over 50’s spend on average 42 hours per month online
  • 25% use the internet everyday
  • Over 50’s set to dominate on-line shopping by 2012

And these numbers are all growing – in fact this group of people are likely to be the major force behind changing the nature of the internet in the form of companies and brands presenting themselves to this large and growing number of demanding ‘surfers’. It is also interesting to note that this group now represents the fastest growing users of Facebook and other social media; what they experience in terms of quality of service and products will be more quickly shared with others than ever before.

Perhaps sensible then that we provide a range of products and services to the several million hard of hearing people in the UK; most of whom are actively on-line or soon will be!

Why not visit our facebook page.

The catalogue should be available from the end of March; please do let us know if you would like to receive a copy – drop us an email at or call our freephone number 0800 032 1301 to order yours from the end of March.

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