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Sonic Alert specializes in producing products to better the lives of the hard of hearing.

Wake Up Right With Sonic Alert

Our range of Sonic Alert items includes a super selection of loud alarm clocks, vibrating alarms, and more, all designed with hearing loss in mind. 

You'll never oversleep again thanks to Sonic Alert alarm clocks. We supply a wide collection of extra-loud alarm clocks that reach up to 113db, ideal at waking even the deepest of sleepers. The Sonic Alert SB500SS Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock boasts an impressive 113db extra loud alarm, making the alarm clocks some of the loudest in production today.

At Hearing Direct, you will only find reliable and trusted brands, such as Sonic Alert, who strive to improve the quality of life for those with hearing loss. Sonic Alert also produces a high-quality range of accessories to complement your alarm clock and amplified phones. This includes visual alerting devices that flash when the phone rings, as well as vibrating bed shakers, to seriously help kickstart your morning and get you up and out of bed. 

Alternatively, if you are hearing impaired, then our digital hearing aids can help you effectively manage mild to moderate hearing loss. 

About Sonic Alert

For over thirty years, the Sonic Alert team has been building alerting devices that are geared for the hearing impaired. Today, the company is a global leader in the amplified alarm clocks, amplified telephones, and personal listening devices markets.

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