Alarm clocks

SonicAlert SB300SS Extra Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock With Big Display

Powerful Vibrating Alarm Clock From Sonic Alert A vibrating alarm clock could be the secret to a...

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Alarm Clocks

Our Alarm Clocks are specifically designed with the hard of hearing and heavy sleepers in mind. They take away the worry about waking up on time in the morning.

Our alarm clocks are all packed with useful features. The one thing they all have in common is their really loud alarms. Here are just some of the features they can have:

  • super loud alarms up to 113dB, that's as loud as a jackhammer 3 feet away from you
  • Strong vibrating pads for under your pillow (check product details)
  • Visual alerts such as flashing lights
  • Extra large and clear displays for the visually impaired
  • Volume control so you can find the perfect volume for you 
  • wall mounted or rested on a table
  • all the usual alarm clock features such as snooze

There are too many features to list so we encourage you to explore. The Clarity AL10 Visual Alert System even monitors the sounds around you and can act as a baby or doorbell monitor.

How can I decide which alarm clock?

With so much choice, how do you decide which alarm clock is the right one for you? Is it the alarm volume that's the most important thing, or do you need to be shaken awake so you don't wake the rest of the house?

Our alarm clocks have purposefully been designed with hearing loss in mind. You can also get Vibrating Alarm Clocks which are designed to vibrate when you need to be woken up. Placed on your bedside or under a pillow, these alarm clocks offer an alternative option to the extra loud alarm noise!

To help you decide on your alarm clock, we've written a few blog posts to narrow down your choice:

We have a choice of different styles of alarm clocks from our trusted brands. All our brands are experts and have been in business for years, specializing in equipment for the hard of hearing:

We also have a range of useful gadgets for daily living for the hard of hearing, such as nuisance call blockers, amplified doorbells, telephone amplifiers and a voice to text converter for corded phones.

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