Behind the ear hearing aids

Discreet, comfortable, easy to use devices with powerful batteries.
Comfortable open-fit design delivers a balanced, natural sound

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Modern behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids are small, powerful devices. Our BTE hearing aids are an economical, and easy way to reclaim your lost hearing.

What are Behind The Ear Hearing Aids?

Behind the ear hearing aids fits, as the name suggests, behind the ear. They are much smaller these days as you can see from our product images and very unnoticeable sitting behind the ear. A thin, clear, almost invisible tube goes over and to the front of the ear. This connects the electronic parts of the aid to the ear canal with a dome that fits snugly into the canal.

Behind The Ear Hearing Aids

As technology advances, behind the ear hearing aids are now smaller and lighter than ever.

We design our hearing aids for mild to moderate hearing loss only. The HD 211 and the HD 400 can be pre-programmed to match hearing test results so that they are ready to wear and work as needed on arrival.

All our BTE hearing aids are open fit, meaning that they are not molded to a specific ear shape. We supply them with different silicon domes to allow you to find the most comfortable fit for your ear canal.

Which Behind The Ear Hearing Aid Is Right For Me? 

If you have any questions about any of our behind the ear hearing aids then please do contact us. Our expert audiologist and the team will do their best to help you decide on the right hearing aid for you.

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