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Phonak Nano MicGuard Pack Of 8

Pack of 8 Phonak Nano MicGuards What does it do?  These microphone guards are designed to preven...
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Phonak PilotOne II Wireless Remote Control

What is it? A simple and discreet wireless remote control to manage your hearing aids. Upon purc...

Phonak RemoteControl

The easy -to-use remote control for use with Phonak Paradise and Phonak Marvel hearing aids. The ...

Phonak Retention lock for standard (xS) or power (xP) receiver wire - bag of 10

Bag of 10: Select for xS or xP wires These flexible pieces of plastic attach to the end of the re...

Phonak Roger 14 (03) Receiver

If you currently use a Phonak Cochlear Nucleus 5 or 6 and are looking for a inconspicuous receive...

Phonak Roger 18 (03) Receiver

The Roger 18 Receiver, designed specifically for the Phonak Venture is just one of a number of in...

Phonak Roger Clip-On Mic Microphone

For a cost effective solution to a noisy listening environment where some hearing aids may strugg...

Phonak Roger Neckloop (Type 02)

The Roger Neckloop replaces the Roger MyLink. The Roger Neckloop is available in two formats – th...

Phonak Roger Neckloop (Type 03)

The Roger Neckloop replaces the Roger MyLink. Roger NeckLoop is a receiver for use with Roger mic...

Phonak Roger Pen 1.1 Microphone Transmitter

Please note the Phonak Roger Pen 1.1 is now end of line. It has been replaced by the Phonak Roger...

Phonak Roger Select

The Roger Select is a versatile transmitter that offers the very latest in wireless microphone te...
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