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Tubing Extractor and Threader For Hearing Aids

This tool has a drill bit on one side to help to remove existing earmould tubing extractor and a ...

Cedis Drying Pot for Hearing Aids

What is it? Cedis branded container recommended for use with the Cedis drying capsules. How d...

Earpal Ear Wax Remover

The Earpal ear wax remover is one of the safest methods to extract wax from the ear. Ear Wax Remo...

Cedis Drying Capsules for Hearing Aids

What is it? Pack of 4 capsules containing moisture-absorbing silica crystals. How does it work...

Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit 2

What is it? Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit 2 – A handy collection of items to ensure your hearing ai...

Air Puffer In Blue

Air Puffer for cleaning hearing aids What Does It Do? Ideal for ensuring no moisture remains in ...

Hearing Aid Brush With Magnet and Wax Loop

What Is It? Multi-functional cleaning tool What Does It Do? Brush away any wax or skin d...

Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit 1

This is a hearing aid maintenance kit supplied by Phonak. Although Phonak branded, it is suitable...

Beltone Sentry Wax

What Is It? Pack of 4 red and 4 blue wax guards What Does It Do? Prevents wax from enter...

Multi Bristle Vent Cleaner

What Is It? Handy tool with different sized bristles What Does It Do? Cleans vents and crevice...

Dry and Store Replacement Cartridges

What Is It? A packet of desiccant cartridges 3 cartridges in each packet What Does It Do? ...

Tubing Extractor For Hearing Aids

This handy drill –bit can be used to effectively remove earmould tubing from an earmould; particu...
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