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Phonak Roger 17 (03) Receiver

Phonak now offer a range of integrated receivers to match their wide selection of hearing aids an...

Phonak Roger EasyPen Microphone Transmitter

If you’re looking for a discreet, simple to use wireless microphone to help you hear better when ...

Phonak Roger 16 (03) Receiver

The Roger 16 Receiver is just one of a number of compact receivers from Phonak, designed to trans...

Phonak Roger 15 (03) Receiver

Phonak have created a number of different receivers to fit most hearing aids and cochlear implant...

Phonak Roger 14 (03) Receiver

If you currently use a Phonak Cochlear Nucleus 5 or 6 and are looking for a inconspicuous receive...

Phonak Roger 18 (03) Receiver

The Roger 18 Receiver, designed specifically for the Phonak Venture is just one of a number of in...

Phonak Roger 11 (03) Receiver

Phonak have created a number of integrated receivers to specifically fit their range of hearing a...

Phonak Roger Pen 1.1 Microphone Transmitter

The Phonak Roger Pen 1.1 is a wireless microphone transmitter for use with compatible hearing aid...

Phonak Roger Select

The Roger Select is a versatile transmitter that offers the very latest in wireless microphone te...

Phonak Roger 13 (03) Receiver

The Phonak Roger 13 Receiver is designed specifically for the Phonak Ambra, Solana and Cassia beh...

Roger Select iN

Please note: We strongly recommend purchasing the Phonak Roger Select iN only if you have a Phona...

Phonak Roger Neckloop (Type 02)

The Roger Neckloop replaces the Roger MyLink. The Roger Neckloop is available in two formats – th...
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