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Hearing Aid Batteries From $2.49

Hearing Aid Batteries, the tiny essentials that are one of our specialties. You can buy hearing aid batteries with confidence online from Hearing Direct. Our battery collection starts at $2.49 and you can choose from a range of globally recognized brands. On our web store, you will find hearing aid batteries compatible with all sorts of devices. We dispense all the popular battery sizes so we are certain you can find the best hearing aid batteries to suit BTE, OTE, CIC, and other varieties of hearing aids.

Expect the following hearing aid battery benefits when buying from us:

  • A wide range of hearing aid battery sizes: 10, 13, 312, and size 675 zinc air hearing aid batteries are available.
  • Color-coded to easily distinguish from size to size.
  • Long battery life across our range of sizes and brands.
  • Long shelf life so you can bulk buy knowing they will work when needed.
  • Consistent power and reliable performance.
  • Easy to open and easy to fit cells.
  • Save money with battery Multipacks of 60 to 120 cells.

We also dispense rechargeable hearing aid batteries so you no longer have to keep placing orders for more and more batteries.

Shop Leading Battery Brands

Our hearing aid batteries are comprised of the top and trusted brands in all of the most popular sizes. Choose from a selection of branded cells from leading manufacturers including:

  • Hearing Direct - our own brand, high-quality, best price
  • Duracell
  • GN ReSound
  • Power One
  • Interton
  • Rayovac
  • Siemens

If you are unsure about which manufacturer to opt for, try a hearing aid battery trial pack. Included is a mixture of different batteries from the different brands we supply so you can find the optimum cells for your device.

Which Hearing Aid Batteries Do You Need?

Hearing aid batteries differ in size and therefore it is important to make sure you order the correct batteries for your device. The color scheme of the protective film indicates the size:

  • yellow: 10
  • brown: 312
  • orange: 13
  • blue: 675

If you’re not sure what size of hearing aid battery your device requires get in touch with our team and they will advise.

Check out our handy guide Choosing hearing aid batteries for more tips

Which Hearing Aid Batteries Are Best?

If you are uncertain on which hearing aid batteries will suit you and your hearing aid, we've put together some valuable resources:

We also provide a number of essentials such as the Rayovac battery tester to check for power, as well as the Rayovac battery caddy so you can carry around spares. Alternatively, should you have any questions about the batteries available, get in touch and our team will do their very best to advise you.

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