Hearing aid tubes

Siemens Click Receiver Wire Concha LockSale

Siemens Click Receiver Wire Concha Lock

What Is It? Single Concha Lock Attaches to a Siemens Click receiver wire/tubing Improves retenti...

ReSound Surefit2 Medium Power Receiver Tube

What Is It? Single receiver tubing ‘MP’ or medium power version Available in 5 different lengths...

Starkey RIC Standard Receiver 50dB

What Is It? Single Standard Receiver tube - 50dB power level Available in 5 different lengths...

Starkey RIC Snapfit Receiver 60dB

What Is It? Single Snapfit Receiver tube 60dB power level Available in 5 different lengths (1...

Widex Micro Tubes

The Widex Micro Tubes are compatible with a wide range of behind-the-ear Widex hearing aids, spec...
Phonak SlimTubes HESale

Phonak SlimTubes HE

What is it? A pack of 5 Phonak SlimTubes HE. Please ensure you are ordering the correct size ...

ReSound High Power Receiver Tube

What is it? Package containing one ReSound high power receiver for connection to a receiver in...
Phonak Micro TubesSale

Phonak Micro Tubes

What is it? A pack of 5 Phonak Micro Tubes. Please ensure you are ordering the correct size and...

Oticon Corda MiniFit 0.9 Tubing - 5 Tubes

  This is a pack of 5 tubings.  How to work out what to order: At the end of the tube that goes ...

HD210 Sound Tube Single Pack

What Is It? A single HD211 thin tube What Does It Do? Choose Left or Right Choose from short, ...

ReSound Thin Tubes Pack of 5

What is it? A pack of 5 ReSound Thin Tubes. Please ensure you are ordering the correct size an...

Widex Easywear Wired RIC M

The Widex Easywear Wired RIC M is part of the Widex Easywear range and should fit Widex receiver ...
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Hearing aid tubes are a hearing aid necessity and are needed to keep your device performing at its very best. 

Hearing Aid Tubes From $2.59

Hearing aid tubes transmit sound from the microphone into your ear canal. They are one of the most core components to actually deliver sounds inside the ear. Over time, hearing aid tubes become worn and need replacing to maintain the transmitting of high-quality sound. We supply a vast selection of tubing designed to cater to a range of hearing aids so you can ensure your device continues to function as it should.

It is recommended that you change your tubing every three to six months depending on its use. Heavy usage may see tubes harden or cause a build-up of debris which can cause hearing aids to whistle and weaken sound quality. 

Which Branded Tubes Do We Dispense?

At Hearing Direct, you will find a broad selection of hearing aid tubes. They are available in a number of sizes and lengths, with multipacks are available so you can be fully prepared to replace tubing when appropriate. Shop the following brands: 

  • Hearing Direct
  • Phonak
  • ReSound
  • Siemens
  • Starkey
  • Unitron
  • Widex

A full item specification is available on each respective product page outlining the device that the tubes are compatible with. 

Essential Accessories To Enhance Your Listening Experience

Alongside tubing, we offer an extensive collection of hearing aid accessories to maintain, clean, repair, or improve your device. Order the following online:

Should you seek further advice or guidance regarding hearing aids, our blog is full of key resources to help you get the best from your device.

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