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Signia miniReceiver Wax Guard

What Is It? Pack of 8 wax guards. What Does It Do? Used to replace wax guard at the end of Sig...
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A hearing aid wax guard protects your hearing aid from ear wax, the main cause of hearing aid malfunction. At Hearing Direct, you will find a wide range of hearing aid wax guards fitting a variety of device types, makes, and models. 

Hearing Aid Wax Guards From $4.99

During daily use, ear wax can work its way into the sound outlet of your hearing aids and partially or completely block the passage of sound. Taking care to replace your hearing aid wax guards regularly, can significantly increase the lifetime of your hearing aid. Proper care will help keep your hearing aids working at their best and cleaning and hygiene products will help your device perform as it should. 

The amount of wax produced by each person will vary and it is recommended that wax guards are checked regularly. If ear wax is visible in the wax guard, it’s time to change wax guards. However, a wax guard does not eliminate the need for daily cleaning procedures.

We supply a range of wax guard packages so you can stock up purchase the right amount of wax guards you need.

Which Wax Guards Do We Dispense?

Browse a wide selection of leading manufacturers to identify the right hearing aid wax guard that is compatible with your hearing aid.

We supply the following brands:

  • Beltone
  • Hearing Direct
  • Oticon
  • Phonak
  • ReSound
  • Siemens
  • Starkey
  • Widex

Completely-In-The-Canal (CIC) hearing aids are especially vulnerable to wax problems due to their placement deep in the ear canal. By using a wax guard, you can protect your CIC or In-Ear (ITE) device from wax, successfully minimizing malfunction.

Boost Your Device With The Must-Have Hearing Aid Essentials

Alongside the wax guards we supply, our web store is also home to a key set of hearing aid accessories. It is only natural that over time we see signs of wear or parts become worn, but by maintaining your device, you can ensure it continues to function at its best. Shop for:

After further advice and information? Head over to the blog and explore our resources to read up on tips, product reviews, and guides. 

If unsure of which wax guards you need, please do get in touch and our professional team will do their best to advise.

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