Hearing direct domes

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HD 295 Closed Dome - Pack Of 10

What Is It? Pack of 10 closed domes for HD295 Pack of 2 closed domes for HD295 available here ...
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HD 295 Closed Dome - Pack Of 2

What Is It? Pack of 2 closed domes for HD295 Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large Pack ...
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Domes are an important component of hearing aids. These silicon domes or tips fit over the end of the tubing or hearing aid (depending on which type of hearing aid you have). They provide the correct seating for the hearing aid in the ear canal and ensure a comfortable fit. So it’s important to get the right size and the correct tips for your hearing aid.

We recommend that you change your tips every 3 months, more often if need be. The tips can be removed from the tubing or hearing aid and cleaned separately. Always ensure that a new dome is pushed firmly onto the tubing, as far on as possible, before inserting into the ear. If you are unsure of which dome is right for your hearing aid, please contact our expert team.

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