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Invisible Hearing Aids From $199

Invisible hearing aids are the ultimate discreet device. Designed purely with discretion in mind, invisible hearing aids help the hard of hearing feel more comfortable about requiring a device. 

Most of our hearing aids are so small and lightweight, you'll forget you are wearing one. By decreasing visibility, hearing aids that are hidden and out of sight can improve esteem and self-confidence whilst providing natural sounds. The improvement in the quality of life they provide is priceless. The digital aids we supply offer an alternative to purchasing a device privately. At Hearing Direct, our invisible hearing aids collections start from as little as $199

Benefits Of Invisible Hearing Aids

Apart from being so tiny and virtually invisible, the gift of enjoying the sounds you love is unparalleled. 

As hearing technologies improve, so do devices. With many types of hearing aids to choose from, for added discretion we recommend in the canal hearing aids. With no extra casing to hang behind the ear, invisible hearing aids are placed in the ear canal. Our digital hearing aids have pre-programmed amplification aiding mild to moderate hearing loss. The device you opt for can also be programmed based on audiogram results so that they are ready to wear on arrival. We offer a range of models so you can choose the right device for your hearing loss. 

Our blog is home to valuable resources including, guides, tips, and product reviews. For example, these blog posts may help your decision-making process: 

Check Your Hearing Online For Free

If you are considering hearing aids for the first time or seeking a new device, checking your hearing could help better identify the right model for you. Our online hearing test is free, only takes a few minutes, and results are instant. The results will indicate if you should take further action to prevent hearing loss. For example, those with a milder impairment may not require as many advanced features like those with a severe impairment. 

We Are More Than Just Hearing Aids…

Our online store is a hub for all things hearing aid. Whether you need a new device, new parts, or new information, we've got you covered. At Hearing Direct, you will also find:

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