ACU-Life Deluxe Ear Cleanser

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please call our expert customer service team for further advice.

What Is It?

  • Extra-large 60mL Aculife Deluxe ear cleanser syringe
  • Includes 10 saline packets
  • Use this patented syringe with water or saline solution to safely loosen and remove ear wax from the ear canal
  • The tip used on the syringe is well-designed, and has a ‘tri-stream’ tip to direct the fluid onto the ear canal walls and not straight out. The tip’s flared design also prevents over-insertion into the ear canal. There are also exit holes or portals in the tip to ensure clean and controlled fluid drain.

How To Use It?

  • Fill in the syringe with either water or saline solution
  • Gently insert the Tri-stream tip fully into the ear
  • Slowly depress the plunger to irrigate the ear canal
  • Repeat the filling and irrigation process until the ear is fully irrigated
  • Clean syringe and tip thoroughly after each use


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