Calmer PRO by Flare Audio


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Calmer PRO is the most advanced device in the Calmer range.

Worn in the ear to minimise stressful sounds and focus on the important ones.

 Useful when…

  • In noisy areas
  • Travelling / commuting
  • In the workplace
  • Studying
  • Anywhere you'd like a calmer environment


  • Always sold as a pair
  • Comfortable to wear and easy to fit
  • One size: Length: 11.7mm Width: 12.6mm
  • Moulded in soft-touch durable silicone - does not contain latex
  • Includes a mesh pouch for storing, and an instruction guide
  • Patent pending technology

Featuring a precision engineered aerospace aluminium reflector encased in a soft silicone outer. Calmer PRO reveals even more detail in sound, while delivering a higher reduction in stressful frequencies.

Calmer, designed by Flare Audio, sits barely visible in the ear and uses revolutionary, non-electric technology to reduce mid and high frequency distortion without having a detrimental effect on our hearing.

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