Clarity AL10

Clarity AL10 Visual Alert System


The Clarity AL10 is a visual alert system designed for those living with mild to profound hearing loss. It not only warns you that you’re receiving an incoming telephone call, but thanks to finely tuned sensors, the AL10 also reacts to the ringing of a doorbell. This visual alert system is simply designed, making it incredibly easy to install with no hard wiring necessary; just plug it into a wall socket. The Clarity AL10 has large backlit icons and carefully placed lighting for enhanced visibility regardless of where you stand in a room. There’s also a large, brightly lit clock display.

Clarity is one of the leading manufacturers in America for producing innovative communication solutions for the hard of hearing and visually impaired. The AL10 alert system is an example of how the latest technology can make a real difference to those wishing to stay connected and feel secure in their homes.


  • Sensors monitor the door bell and knocks on the door to alert you of visitors
  • Alarm clock with snooze and vibrating alert features to wake the deepest of sleepers
  • Monitors the specific sounds made by babies or young children
  • Notify you of any loud and unusual sounds
  • Notify you of any unexpected movement
  • Large 3.5” clock display
  • A powerful vibrating alert shakes your bed or pillow to alert you when asleep
  • Large, lit button to easily turn nearby lighting On or Off
  • Dual Power Backup keeps the system running when the power is out

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