Clarity SR100

Clarity SR100 Extra Loud Phone Ringer


It can be annoying when you miss an important phone call simply because you didn’t hear the phone ring. The Clarity SR100 is a super loud phone ringer, with built in flashing light that could solve this problem in an instant. Flexible and easy to set up, the Clarity SR100 can be used in the home, at the office or on your travels. It really is incredibly loud for a telephone ringer, with an adjustable volume of up to 95 decibels and is designed to work in conjunction with a standard analogue telephone system.

Created by Clarity, a leading manufacturer in communication solutions for the hard of hearing, the SR100 will allow you to sit back and relax knowing you will hear the phone next time it rings.


  • Super loud telephone ringer (95 decibels)
  • Adjustable ring volume
  • Adjustable ring tone control (250-1200Hz)
  • Dual modular phone jacks for easy connection to a standard analog telephone

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