Crescendo 50 Personal Listener (S)

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please call our expert customer service team for further advice.

The Crescendo Personal Listening System is a battery-powered unit that receives sound via its sensitive built in microphone, and then amplifies that sound to the way you like to listen. It's an excellent communication tool helping to boost volume and tone levels. The Crescendo Personal Listening System is perfect for someone hard of hearing to get the help they need to hear conversations – particularly those who don’t wish to wear a hearing aid.

Being lightweight, the Crescendo is easy to take around with you; and so easy to use. Put on the headphones, switch on the amplifier (a green light on the unit shows it’s powered on) and adjust the volume and/or tone control to your requirements. The maximum amplification on the unit is an impressive 43dB; which is sufficient to allow those with up to a moderate-severe hearing loss to benefit from such a system.

Another benefit for those not wearing hearing aids is the Crescendo’s built-in inductive coil that allows the headphones to ‘connect’ up to induction loops within many public buildings such as theatres and churches that usually only cater for hearing aid wearers with a ‘T’ programme. Listening via the induction loop has the huge advantage of cutting out all background noise within the venue and it is also not usually essential to sit near to the front of a stage or podium.

The Crescendo Personal Listening System basic’ system is packaged with the following:

  • Crescendo 50 Amplifier
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Stethoscope headset (it is worth noting that another design of headphones is also available (see below) or any conventional over the head headphones with 32 ohm impedance with a 3.5mm stereo jack plug will also work with the Crescendo)
  • Detachable belt clip
  • Instruction booklet


Please note that a number of optional accessories are available from Hearing Direct to further enhance the functionality of the Crescendo system:

  • Headphones: Replace the stethoscope style headset provided with the Crescendo 50 by these over the ears headphones.
  • External microphone on 4 meter lead: Connect this to the Crescendo to enhance pick up of sound from specific sound sources like TV speakers.
  • Plug in Communicator Mic: To enhance microphone sensitivity but still have no trailing wires
  • Neck Loop: Connect this to the Crescendo and wear around the neck to transmit the sound directly to a hearing aid on the “T setting.” The Crescendo then acts to enhance the functionality of your hearing aid/s.
  • Ear hook: Worn adjacent to the behind the ear hearing aid to transmit the sound directly to the hearing aid on the “T setting”.
  • Lead kit for direct connection via SCART/RCA: Lets the Crescendo act as a dedicated TV listener

An additional Crescendo 50 neckloop is also available.



  • Frequency response +/-3dB 175Hz-18kHz
  • Maximum gain 43 dB
  • Tone control +8/-15dB at 100Hz +/-8dB at 5kHz
  • Maximum Audio output 128 dB with 307-105 headset.

Technical details

  • Power requirements: 2 X 1.5V AA/LR06 Alkaline batteries Battery life giving over 60 hours use with a 32 ohm headset and average listening levels. Normal or rechargeable batteries maybe used with reduced life.
  • Dimensions: Approx L 95mm: W 62mm H25mm excluding belt clip.
  • Weight: 70g without batteries, approx. 120g with batteries.
  • Material: ABS plastic casing.
  • Microphone mute


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