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Hearing Direct Hearing Aid Batteries Size 675 Pack of 60

$19.99 $24.90
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What is it?

  • 10 cards of 6 Hearing Direct size 675 hearing aid batteries
  • Mercury free, Zinc-Air Size 675 hearing aid batteries
  • Blue colour coded (color of the removable tab) 
  • 1 card of 6 Hearing Direct size 675 batteries available here

What does it do?

  • Voltage: 1.45V
  • 650 mAh
  • Consistent performance

Can be used with:

  • Suitable with all hearing aids using size 675 batteries
  • N.B.: Not suitable for cochlear implants. You will need the PowerOne Implant Plus for those and you can buy them here
  • The full range of size 675 hearing aid batteries is available here

 Many customers prefer to buy their hearing aid batteries in boxes of 60 - it always helps to have extras on hand in the car, office, and around the house! We aim to make bulk buying worth it - and are pleased to be able to offer great value for money when you choose to stock up. Working within the world of hearing aids we are acutely aware of our customers' need for quality hearing aid batteries - we've sourced these from the world's leading battery manufacturer and are confident we're bringing a high-quality product to market. We also ensure that there is a long shelf-life on all batteries purchased, as we know this is particularly important when purchasing in bulk.

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