Moldex Contours

Moldex Contours Small Earplugs 20 pairs

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please call our expert customer service team for further advice.

Protect Your Ears With Moldex

Moldex ear plugs help reduce the amount of harmful noise and excessively loud sound from damaging your hearing. With this pack of 20 pairs, you can pop them in securely when out at concerts, at noisy restaurants or even in the workplace.

What Are They?

  • 20 pairs of foam earplugs
  • Manufactured from soft, slow-recovery foam which is free of PVC
  • This is the small size (also suitable for those with more narrow ear canals)

What Do Moldex Ear Plugs Do?

  • Reduces the level of sound entering the ear
  • SNR rating of 35dB (H34 M33 L28). This means that on average, incoming sound will be reduced by up to 35dB. (See technical note below for more details)
  • A contoured shape moulds easily to the ear canal for excellent comfort
  • Comfortable enough to wear all-day

How Do I Use Moldex Ear Plugs?

  • Make sure your hands and ear opening are clean and dry
  • Roll the plug between the finger and thumb to compress them
  • If fitting the plug on the right ear reach above the head with the left arm hand to pull the right ear gently upwards
  • Slide the plug into the ear canal with your right hand and hold in place for 5 seconds to let the plug expand and fill the ear
  • Not recommended for more than a single-use

If you are looking to bulk buy, please see our 100 pairs or 200 pairs options.


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