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Phonak C&C Line Drying Beaker

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What is it?

For use with the Phonak Drying Capsules:

  • Place capsule in drying beaker, then place the hearing instrument in the insert and the insert into the drying beaker (the use of the insert means the hearing instrument doesn't touch the drying capsule).
  • Put the lid on the beaker and leave to dry, ideally overnight.

For use wit the Phonak Cleansing Tablets: 

  • Fill the Phonak Drying beaker with lukewarm water and add one tablet.
  • Separate earmold from hearing instrument and place the earmold in the beaker insert, then place insert into the cleansing beaker.
  • Allow earmold to soak for 15 - 30 mins or more (can be left overnight).
  • After soaking, remove the insert and earmold from the beaker and rinse thoroughly with water.

For your convenience, the Drying Beaker + Drying Capsules and the Drying Beaker and Cleansing Tablets are also available as kits.

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