Phonak / Unitron Retention locks for SDS 4.0 receiver wires - bag of 10


Bag of 10; select for standard, medium or power receiver wires

These flexible pieces of plastic attach to the end of the receiver wire via a looped end.  

These are used to provide a more stable positioning of the receiver wire in the ear canal. 

If you have a Phonak Audeo Marvel or Paradise hearing aid, you will be using a SDS 4.0 receiver wire. In order to select the correct retention locks, you will need to confirm which power level of wire you have fitted. 

On the red (for right) or blue (for left) end of the receiver wire, there will be a number and letter printed. For the purposes of choosing the retention lock, ignore the number. If you have an 'S', you will need to choose Standard. If you have an 'M' you will need the Medium and 'P' will be the Power. 


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