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Phonak TV Link II TV and Music Transmitter

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The Phonak TV Link will turn your hearing aids into a pair of wireless stereo headphones so you can enjoy the television and music you love over and over again.

Small and simply designed, the Phonak TV Link II streams audio sound, be it music or dialogue directly from your television to your hearing aids. This way you can choose to listen to your favourite program at a volume level that works for you, without disturbing others.

The Phonak TV Link is compatible with most television sets that have an analogue or digital output. The TV Link II base station is independent of Phonak hearing aids models and should be used with a Phonak Streamer. When used in conjunction with the ComPilot, ComPilot II or ComPilot Air II, you can capture the very best sound from a variety of audio sources, including laptops, tablets, computers, iPods and MP3 players. The TVLink II also serves as a charging cradle for the Phonak Streamers.

For a set already paired, take a look at the ComPilot II and TVLink II set.


  • Charging cradle for compatible Phonak Streamers
  • Range up to 30 meters/100 feet
  • Compatible with analogue and digital TV
  • Easy to set up
  • Works with the Phonak RemoteControl app for more advanced control
  • Spoken messages for easy interaction
  • Available for Venture and Belong hearing aids only
  • Two-year warranty

Compatible with:

  • Phonak ComPilot Streamer
  • Phonak ComPilot II Streamer
  • Phonak ComPilot Air II Streamer

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