Signia Click Receiver Wire Concha Lock

Signia Click Receiver Wire Concha Lock


What Is It?

  • Single Concha Lock
  • Attaches to a Signia Click receiver wire/tubing
  • Improves retention of the receiver wire in the ear canal.

Please ensure that you choose the correct version:

There are 3 different power levels available in the receiver wires that are usedon Signia RIC hearing aids. Standard, Medium and Power. Version 1 and version 2 wires are also in circulation. Almost all Signia RIC hearing aids produced after 2016 use version 2 wires. 

To work out the power level - please look at the silver section of your receiver wire - you may have to remove the click dome. Look for a letter and number printed in red or blue. The letter will indicate the power level. S for Standard, M for medium, and P for Power. For the purposes of the concha lock replacements ignore the number. 

 Please contact us if you need help with this. 


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