Siemens Click Receiver Wire Concha Lock

Siemens Click Receiver Wire Concha Lock

$2.33 $2.59

What Is It?

  • Single Concha Lock
  • Attaches to a Siemens Click receiver wire/tubing
  • Improves retention of the receiver wire in the ear canal.

Please ensure that you choose the correct version:

If you have a Siemens Standard-power receiver wire, either version 1 or version 2, choose Standard power concha lock.

If you have the Siemens Medium-power receiver wire, please select the concha lock for the specific version of receiver wire you have. The concha locks are not interchangeable. For more information on version 1 click here. For more information on version 2 click here.

The same applies for Siemens Power receiver wires – you must select either v1 or v2, as they are also not interchangeable.

About Siemens

Siemens hearing aids are world-class devices. For countless years, Siemens hearing aids have been atop their field and they continue to produce some of the best devices on the market.

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