SmartWipe Hygienic Wipes Box of 35

SmartWipe Hygienic Wipes Box of 35


These are very useful in maintenance of your hearing aids or any other delicate electronic instruments. The ear is a pretty hostile environment being warm, moist and generating cerumen (ear wax) all of which can be detrimental to hearing aid performance. Daily maintenance is the key to getting the best out of your device and ensuring it has a long and trouble free life. Use SmartWipes daily to clean the outside of your hearing aid in conjunction with a regular maintenance programme. The wipes only cost a few pennies each but can save you expensive repair bills.

What Is It?

  • Packet of antibacterial / antifungal wipes
  • 35 moistening wipes in each box

What Does It Do?

  • Useful for cleaning Hearing Aids and other sensitive items
  • Has light lemon fresh aroma
  • Dispensing box retains wipes freshness

Can Be Used With:

  • All Hearing Aids


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