Sonic Alert Blink BL300 Extra Bright Strobe Wall Mounted Receiver

Sonic Alert Blink BL300 Extra Bright Strobe Wall Mounted Receiver


The Sonic Blink BL300 is a small, wall-mounted receiver with a built-in 360-degree high-intensity strobe light designed to assist the hearing impaired.

When the BL300 receives a signal from a Sonic Alert Signaler that the doorbell or phone is ringing, it will alert you instantly with an extra bright flashing light that can be seen wherever you are in the room. The Sonic Blink BL300 is ideal for those areas where you wouldn’t usually have a lamp, such as in the bathroom, hallway or kitchen and can be placed in the open or behind existing furniture.

With over 30 years experience within the industry, Sonic Alert remains one of the leading manufacturers in specialist listening devices for the hard of hearing and visually impaired. The Sonic Blink BL300 is just one of a number of devices designed to make independent living just that little bit easier.

About Sonic Alert

For over thirty years, the Sonic Alert team have been building alerting devices which are geared for the hearing impaired. Today, the company is a global leader in the amplified alarm clocks, amplified telephones and personal listening devices markets.

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