Sonic Alert TR50 Lamp Flash Telephone Signaler

Sonic Alert TR50 Lamp Flash Telephone Signaler


The Sonic Alert TR50 Lamp Flash Telephone Signaler is a lamp flashing telephone signaler that is simple to use and has been designed with the hearing impaired in mind.

If you’re fed up of missing important calls because you don’t hear the phone ring, then this is a simple solution that may help to ease the problem. It is best to select a lamp to specifically act as the alert system for the Sonic Alert TR50 Lamp Flash Telephone Signaler and use a separate source to light up the space. It is important to note that this telephone signaler is not compatible with other remote receivers and therefore limited to working in one room only.

Sonic Alert is a leading American manufacturer that focuses on creating innovative, telecommunications equipment for the hard of hearing and visually impaired. The TR50 is just one of a large range of important listening or visual devices that help make everyday life just that little bit easier.

About Sonic Alert

For over thirty years, the Sonic Alert team have been building alerting devices which are geared for the hearing impaired. Today, the company is a global leader in the amplified alarm clocks, amplified telephones and personal listening devices markets.

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