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Widex EasyWear Thin tube (1.4mm)

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What is it?

  • Pack of 2 Widex EasyWear thin tubes
  • Available in 5 sizes, from 0 to 4
  • Available for left (blue) and right (red) ears
  • At the end of the tube that points into your ear you will see some numbers indicating the size, side and thickness of the tube. E.g. if you see '2L1.4', this would indicate a size 2 left tube with the 1.4mm thickness. If you see '2R0.9' then it is a size 2 tube for the right ear but with 0.9mm standard tubing available here

Compatible with:

  • Suitable for Widex Fashion and Fashion Mini Behind-The-Ears hearing aids.
  • Please note: this 1.4mm listing is a thicker tubing diameter which is not used as the standard. The more commonly fitted 0.9mm tubing is available here

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