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A Guide to Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices are used to improve the ability to hear daily objects such as televisions. They are especially helpful for those who have trouble distinguishing speech and the spoken word.

Assistive listening devices serve the primary purpose of helping the hard of hearing. By means of amplification and providing better sound to noise ratios, ALDs help the hearing impaired hear televisions and other audio devices such as music/MP3 players and stereo speakers. Also known as wireless tv listeners or induction loops, assistive listening devices help the hard of hearing distinguish between background noise and sound between them and those who are vocal. Televisions and music can be difficult to hear in rooms that are busy or populated and this will also depend on any levels of hearing loss. Vocal clarity could easily become lost and you can become lost in the dark when it comes down to mishearing something. Wireless TV listeners and audio induction loops can be worn with or without a hearing aid. Hearing aids can amplify sounds and improve speech clarity, but if the sound becomes too distorted, removal of the hearing aid may be advised.

How Assistive Listening Devices Work:

What makes TV listeners and induction loops so useful for those with hearing loss are that they put emphasis on dialogue and provide clarity of the voice, speech, tone (bass and treble) and different pitches. Our range of Wireless TV Listeners is designed to help with that ever-present challenge of the TV being too loud for one person and not loud enough for another.

How they work:

  • Wireless TV listeners consist of a 'base station' that is attached to your television, computer or music player.
  • Most assistive listening devices use microphones to capture sound and then broadcast it directly to the listener's device.
  • An infrared signal then beams the sound to a pair of comfortable headphones.
  • Select the volume you need and enjoy programmes and music at the right sound level for you.

Different models will have different levels of amplification with some models amplifying up to 125dB. At HearingDirect, our range of assistive listening devices has designed with hearing impairments in mind and we stock an expansive set of wireless TV listeners, headphones, induction loops and more. Our range of wireless TV listeners is designed to help with that ever-present challenge of the TV being too loud for one person and not loud enough for another. Wireless TV listeners & assistive listening devices provide the user with their own unique and bespoke volume and tone settings whilst others may continue to watch at their preferred volume. Wireless TV listeners are one of our most popular products and we stock a wide range of high-quality assistive listening devices from reliable and trusted brands such as PhonakAmplicomms and Geemarc.

Alternatively, you can see more of our fantastic range of assistive listening devices here.

HearingDirect is one of the world’s leading hearing aid specialists, stocking a vast range of hearing aids, amplified phones and accessories. Your hearing health is important to us and we produce the best advice and offer the most prominent products available to satisfy your listening needs. If you have any questions on assistive listening devices, please do contact us and our specialist team will do their best to help you.
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