Assistive listening devices

Phonak ComPilot II For Venture & Belong Hearing Aids

Enjoy High-Quality Streaming With The Phonak ComPilot The Phonak ComPilot II is a wireless, multi...

Phonak Roger 17 (03) Receiver

Phonak now offer a range of integrated receivers to match their wide selection of hearing aids an...

Phonak Roger On

The Phonak Roger On is a brand new addition to the hugely successful Roger portfolio. First launc...

Phonak Roger On iN

Please note: We strongly recommend purchasing the Phonak Roger On iN only if you have a Phonak Ma...

Phonak TV Connector

The Phonak TV Connector is an easy-to-setup and easy-to-use device that can be used with Phonak P...

Starkey 2.4GHz mini remote microphone

The Starkey Mini Remote Microphone is part of Starkey's 2.4GHz wireless accessory range.  Compati...

Starkey 2.4GHz remote control

This Starkey remote control is part of Starkey's 2.4GHz wireless accessory range.  Compatible wit...

Starkey 2.4GHz Remote Plus Microphone

The Starkey Remote Plus Microphone is part of Starkey's 2.4GHz wireless accessory range.  Compati...

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Assistive Listening Devices For The Hard Of Hearing

Assistive listening devices are designed with the hard of hearing in mind. At Hearing Direct we are focused on providing high-quality items to better the quality of life for those with hearing loss. Our web store is home to an expert set of listening devices so you can enjoy even more of the sounds you love.

At Hearing Direct, you will find:

  • Wireless TV Listeners
  • Bluetooth Headsets & Neckloops
  • Personal Amplifiers

What makes listening devices so useful for those with hearing loss is that they put emphasis on dialogue and provide clarity of voice, speech, tone, and different pitches. Many ALDs do not require the use of hearing aids and can be used whether you have hearing loss or not.

We are committed to providing trusted and reliable brands that are also dedicated to bettering the lives of those with hearing loss. We stock the following brands of assistive listening devices:

  • Amplicomms
  • Geemarc
  • Phonak
  • Crescendo
  • Phonak
  • Sonic Alert
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