Amplified phones

Amplicom PowerTel 720 Cordless Twin Phone

The Amplicom PowerTel 720 extra loud twin telephone set are ideal for those with hearing impairme...

Amplicom PowerTel 725 Cordless Phone With Wrist Shaker

The Amplicom PowerTel 725 amplified cordless telephone is here to simplify life for the hearing i...

Amplicom PowerTel 760 Extra Loud Corded Phone

The Amplicom PowerTel 760 corded phone with answering machine provides super levels of clarity an...

Amplicom PowerTel 765 Extra Loud Corded Combo Phone

Staying in contact is simple with the Amplicom PowerTel 765; a corded, extra loud telephone with ...

Amplicom PowerTel 780 Extra Loud Corded/Cordless Combo Phone

The Amplicom PowerTel 780 big buttoned, extra loud, corded telephone is perfect for those with a ...

Amplicom PowerTel 785 Emergency Combo Phone

The Amplicom PowerTel 785 provides a versatile telecommunications solution for the home to help e...

Clarity Alto Digital Extra Loud Desk Phone

The Clarity Alto is a big buttoned, amplified, digital corded phone with a speakerphone facility....

Clarity AltoPlus Digital Extra Loud Desk Phone

If you’re in need of a big buttoned, amplified phone with a large tilting LCD screen and speakerp...

Clarity BT914 Amplified Cordless Telephone With Answering Machine

If you’re looking for an amplified cordless phone with a built-in digital answer machine and Blue...

Clarity BT914 Duo Amplified Cordless Telephones With Answering Machine

The BT914 Duo from Clarity is an extra loud telephone system with two cordless handsets, offering...

Clarity BT914 Trio Amplified Cordless Telephones With Answering Machine

When it comes to extra loud telephone systems it doesn’t get much better than the Clarity BT914 T...

Clarity BT914HS Additional Amplified Phone Handset

The Clarity BT914HS is an additional amplified phone handset compatible with the Clarity BT914. P...
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What is an Amplified Phone?

Amplified phones are designed specifically for the hard of hearing, enabling you to increase the volume of the ringtone and handset to make communication clearer and easier.

What are the Benefits of an Amplified Phone?

The key benefits an amplified phone offers over a ‘normal’ telephone is the significantly louder and clearer incoming voice levels and adjustable ringer both in terms of volume and tone. You can adjust the voice level, ringer volume, and tone separately enabling you to set it to exactly the level you require to suit your hearing loss requirements.

What Different Types of Amplified Phone are There?

A variety of amplified corded phones, cordless amplified phones with additional handsets and big button phones can all be bought from us. These are far louder than standard telephones, preventing you from missing those all-important phone calls.

Key Features of Amplified Phones

There are a number of other features to look out for when choosing your amplified phone:

  • Extra tone control - allowing you to personalize your phone to your individual hearing needs. 
  • Telecoil compatibility - for those who wear hearing aids
  • Backlit keypad - which illuminate when pressed. 
  • Big buttons, flashing lights, and photo caller ID. 
  • Answer machines - so you never miss a call.

Alternatives to an Amplified Phone

If you don’t want a different phone, a telephone amplifier is also an option. They are a battery-powered device that connects to the base unit of the phone. The telephone amplifier can then be adjusted to increase the volume and tone of your conversation.

Further Information

We supply phones made by leading global brands Geemarc, Clarity, and Amplicomms. Manufacturers who are all committed to the provision of amplified products. All phones include a full manufacturer's warranty of 12 - 24 months.

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