Hearing aid batteries size 312

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Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 From $2.49

Hearing aid batteries Size 312 are one of the most popular sizes of hearing aid battery. 

Our size 312 collection starts with our Hearing direct hearing aid batteries size 312 at just 33¢ per cell. We supply a wide selection of trusted brands, and you can buy multipacks which will save you even more money. Hearing Direct's hearing aid batteries 312 (other sizes available) packs include 6 to 8 mercury-free cells and we provide multipacks of 60 to 120 cells at a reduced price. We also ensure that there is a long shelf life on all zinc-air batteries. 

We have partnered with one of the world’s largest hearing aid battery manufacturers to help bring you fantastic value for money. To further complement your batteries, we offer the Rayovac battery caddy which can carry up to six spare cells; handy when out and about, as well as the Rayovac battery tester so you can check for power. 

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Benefits Of Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312

Size 312 hearing aid batteries power a range of makes and models such as behind the ear or in the ear devices. You can expect from Hearing Direct:

  • A trusted selection of batteries from top manufacturers including our own brand hearing aid batteries.
  • Reliable and long battery life so you can stock up knowing they will work when you need them.
  • Enhanced power to ensure consistent performance.
  • Multipacks to ensure great savings on batteries. 
  • Easy to open and easy to fit cells.

Browse our entire hearing aid batteries range here. 

Which Battery Manufacturers Do We Dispense?

Hearing aid batteries size 312 come from a variety of leading brands. At Hearing Direct, we only stock items from trusted manufacturers. We supply cells from: 

Hearing Direct's best battery buy comes from leading brand Rayovac. Like our other key suppliers, Rayovac hearing aid batteries 312 produce high-quality power to help your hearing aids function at their best. The Rayovac battery's enhanced performance will assist the smooth running of all your digital hearing aids key features, making them a fantastic brand of choice. 

If you are unsure of which battery or brand is best for you, then try our hearing aid battery trial pack size 312 that includes different batteries from a selection of major brands.

Which Size 312 Batteries Are Best? 

Our blog is full of top tips, review, and guides. We have created a set of articles to help you answer questions and provide the key battery information. We believe you will find these posts very useful:

Alternatively, get in touch and our expert team will do their very best to help answer any queries you may have regarding size 312 hearing aid batteries.

Which Devices Require Hearing Aid Batteries 312?

Size 312 hearing aid batteries are relatively new compared to sizes 10 and 13. Nonetheless, they fit some of the most popular types of hearing aids. 

Hearing aid batteries size 312 is the common size of choice for behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE) models. This is because the 312s are one of the smallest sizes of cells. The following HD models require the 312 battery (these models are no longer stocked but we do supply parts):

  • HD 360 digital hearing aid
  • HD 420 digital hearing aid
  • HD 430 RIC
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