Why Hearing Direct?

At Hearing Direct, we’re here to make life better. If you, or someone you know is looking for help with their hearing, we can help you quickly and easily.

We know just how frustrating hearing loss can be. What’s more, we know that treating hearing loss has traditionally been a time consuming process and for those who wish to choose their hearing aid privately, a very expensive one too.

Whether you are looking to buy your first hearing aid, or wish to upgrade your existing hearing aid, we have a range of devices that can be worn either, ‘in the ear’ or ‘behind the ear’, all available at prices a world away from the staggeringly high prices you may think you need to pay for a high quality device.

Take a test, discuss the results, choose your device – within minutes

You can easily check your hearing loss by taking our online hearing check. It takes just 3 minutes, provides instant results and indicate whether you should take further steps to protect your hearing. Get in touch with one of our qualified audiologists who are available to speak with you about your hearing, either over the phone or via email and to discuss which device is the most suitable for you.

More Than Just Hearing Aids...

At Hearing Direct, you will find the amplified necessities needed to properly manage hearing loss head-on. Alongside our expert range of digital hearing aids, you can browse and shop for:

  • Hearing aid batteries
  • Other accessories such as tubes, domes and wax guards so you can keep your device performing at its best
  • Amplified telephones which boast extra loud voice volume and ringers
  • Extra loud alarm clocks for the hard of hearing and hard to wake alike
  • Assistive listening devices such as TV headphones so you can enjoy your favourite shows
  • The quick way to shop.

Shopping from Hearing Direct is easy, secure and fast! Our doors are never closed, so please browse at your leisure, place your order and rest assured that our customer service team will ensure it arrives with you quickly!

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