Amplified corded phones

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Corded Phones From $44.99

Amplified corded phones provide a wired telephone perfect for those with hearing loss. At Hearing Direct, you will find a great selection of high quality and affordable corded phones to fulfill your communication needs. Communication is key and our amplified corded phones are ideal for any home, office, and workplace with a standard telephone line. 

Perhaps you would prefer cordless phones?

Perfect For The Hard Of Hearing & Seniors

Our corded phones for hearing impaired are far louder than standard corded phones. We supply amplified phones from leading suppliers to help improve the lives of those with hearing loss, the deaf, and even the elderly. Amplified phones provide the much-needed benefits that come with today's modern age of keeping in touch. You can expect the following fundamental features:

  • Loud ringer volume far greater than normal landline phones
  • Improved voice volume and clarity compared to regular DECT phones
  • Many feature big buttons for added ease of use
  • A corded design resembling what many know as a telephone

A full product specification is available on all corded phone item pages so you can fully see what you are ordering before you checkout. 

Which Corded Phones Do We Supply?

At Hearing Direct, we only dispense corded phones that we class a reliable and proper. We are dedicated to the provision of amplified goods and ensure the manufacturers we stock match this same level of commitment. Therefore, the makes and models we supply come from trusted, global brands such as:

Additionally, you can browse our full range of amplified phones for the hearing impaired here to explore all the options available, including big button and cordless models. 

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