Hearing aid receivers


Oticon Minifit Receiver wire - 85dB

Suitable for: any ‘Inium’ and ‘OPN‘ range of receiver-in-canal hearing aids. Examples of model na...

ReSound Surefit2 High power receiver wire

What Is It? Single receiver tubing ‘HP’ or high power version Available in 5 different lengths f...

ReSound NP receiver wire

Package containing one ReSound standard power receiver for connection to a receiver in the ear h...

Oticon Minifit Receiver Wire - 60dB

Pack containing one receiver wire (also referred to as speaker wire).  Suitable for: any ‘Inium’ ...

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Digital Hearing Aid Receivers

Hearing Aid Receivers are a vital component of RIC (Receiver In Ear) Hearing Aids. They are the tube and speaker (called a receiver) which connect the Behind the Ear part of the Hearing Aid to the ear canal.

Receivers come in various powers and sizes. Please ensure you are ordering the correct size of tube and power of receiver for the correct ear (left or right). Before purchase, please ensure you are able to remove and replace your receiver tubing yourself. Hearing Direct can not be held responsible for any damage to hearing aids during the replacement process. Unopened packs may be returned for exchange or refund if you have ordered the incorrect size.

Phonak Roger Receivers

One special set of receivers are the Phonak Roger Receivers. Whether you are far away from the speaker or find yourself in a crowded room, Phonak Roger Receivers, alongside a relevant transmitter will help you focus more successfully on speech sounds.

When used in conjunction with a Phonak microphone such as the Roger Pen, the Receivers will pick up the audio transmission and send it wirelessly to your hearing device. For these receivers, in order to ensure a correct fit, you will need to seek professional help from your audiologist.

We sell receivers and other accessories for hearing aids from the following hearing aid manufacturers:

  • Phonak Hearing Aid Accessories,
  • Starkey Hearing Aid Accessories,
  • Signia Hearing Aid Accessories,
  • Unitron Hearing Aid Accessories, and
  • Widex Hearing Aid Accessories.
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