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HD2 Digital Hearing AidSale
A no fuss simple solution for those everyday listening situations

HD2 Digital Hearing Aid

$170.00 per ear
HD4 Digital Hearing AidSale
A no fuss simple solution for those everyday listening situations

HD4 Digital Hearing Aid

$218.00 per ear
Comfortable open-fit design delivers a balanced, natural sound
Mid-range, ‘one size fits all’ adjustable in-the-ear hearing aid
Mid-range in-the-ear hearing aid, with enhanced speech clarity

Need help choosing a hearing aid?

Here's answers to the frequently asked questions when choosing a hearing aid
Do I need a hearing aid?

Because hearing loss is so gradual, it’s not always easy to notice if you’re not hearing as well as you used to. Here are some signs you can look out for: 

  • The TV’s volume is too loud for other members of your family 
  • You find it difficult to keep up with conversations when there’s background noise 
  • Chatting on the phone is tricky even when the room is quiet 
  • You feel like people are mumbling a lot, and you have to ask them to repeat what they’ve said.

Often it’s your loved ones who notice a hearing loss before you do – so they might hint that you’re finding it difficult to hear too.

Should I buy 1 hearing aid or 2?

Hearing with both ears is called binaural hearing. Binaural hearing allows you to determine which direction a sound is coming from: it will reach one ear a fraction of a second sooner (and more loudly) than the other. 

Your brain uses the time between when the sound reaches both your ears to calculate the direction that the sound has come from. This means that the only reliable way to tell where a sound comes from is by having two healthy ears, it also helps to hear better in background noise. 

Binaural hearing is essential for things like being able to determine where a car is coming from so you can cross the road safely – it could save your life!

Two healthy ears – two hearing aids

Most forms of age-related hearing loss affect both ears. Even if one ear is worse than the other, it’s usually better to have two hearing aids – they can be programmed differently so that each one is perfectly tailored to the hearing loss in that ear. In short, you need both your ears working at their best to let you hear at your best – it’s as simple as that.

Why choose HearingDirect?

We can save you money - thanks to our competitive pricing structure. We don’t face the same overheads as those on the high street. Being an online organization, we are able to keep costs to a minimum and pass on any savings to our customers.

Free advice from our team of trained audiologists - who are there to help you with your hearing related concerns. If you have a performance related query, or you’re after some simple fitting tips, please do get in touch.

Peace of mind - with a 30-day money back guarantee you really do have nothing to lose!

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We have a dedicated team of audiologists available to help. Leading the team at HearingDirect.com is Joan, who is happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Hearing Direct Hearing Aids

We are one of the world's leading experts on hearing aids and we have a great selection of devices available. Our hearing aids are suitable for managing a mixed degree of hearing loss and are ideal for those with mild to moderate hearing impairments. Our Audiologist Joan has written “Mild Hearing Loss Explained” a guide to the different levels of hearing loss. Different types of hearing loss also need different treatment options, explained in our Guide to Different Types of Hearing Loss.

Hearing Direct hearing aids are designed with price in mind and our collection of high-quality devices are some of the most affordable on the market. Our selection of over the counter hearing aids starts from surprisingly low prices considering the quality of our devices.

We supply the following types of hearing aid:

The devices we provide are ready to wear on arrival and come complete with all the vital accessories. There is no need to consult a hearing care professional, nor will you require a prescription or approval from a medical practitioner. 

Simply, you can choose the hearing aid you need directly online and have it delivered straight to your door. If you’re having problems deciding then we’ve created a quick quiz to help you pick - Click here.

We sell all the essential items you may want to complement your device including parts for all hearing aids that always need regularly replacing such as domes.

This includes:

Our blog is home to valuable resources including product reviews and informative guides to help you. For example:

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