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Air Puffer In Blue

Air Puffer for cleaning hearing aids What Does It Do? Ideal for ensuring no moisture remains in ...

Anti Feedback Sleeve

What Is It? Sleeve designed to fit around the In-The-Ear hearing aids. What Does It Do? ...

Beltone Sentry Wax

What Is It? Pack of 4 red and 4 blue wax guards What Does It Do? Prevents wax from enter...

Cedis Drying Capsules And Pot Kit for Hearing Aids

Cedis Drying Capsules and Pot Kit for Hearing Aids What is it? A pack of 4 capsules containing ...

Cedis Drying Capsules for Hearing Aids

What is it? Pack of 4 capsules containing moisture-absorbing silica crystals. How does it work...

Cedis Drying Pot for Hearing Aids

What is it? Cedis branded container recommended for use with the Cedis drying capsules. How d...

Closed fitting domes for HD91, HD151, HD230

What Is It? Pack of 5 fitting tips in the ‘closed’ style 3 different sized options – small, medi...

Comply Soft Wrap Pack

What Is It? Pack Of 10 - Self-adhesive wraps for comfort and feedback management What Does It D...

Concha Lock

A replacement Concha Lock available for the left or the right ear and in a variety of sizes.

CPR Call Blocker V10000

Put a stop to unwanted calls with the CPR Call Blocker V10000. Already pre-programmed with 10,000...

CPR Call Blocker V5000

Stay Free From Spam Callers With The CPR Call Blocker V5000 CPR Call Blocker V5000 does what it s...

Crescendo 50 Additional Plug In Microphone

This is the additional plug-in microphone compatible with the Crescendo 50 Personal Listener (S)....
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