Amplicom PowerTel 580 Phase Base

Introduction: This Blog is written by a HearingDirect customer – unsolicited and unedited but gratefully received, as is all feedback from our customers. People who suffer hearing loss usually find that it is the upper frequencies that are effectively 'shut off' to them initially, and as we age we begin to lose even moderately high frequencies. In the end we look upon the telephone as our 'enemy' and become quite frustrated when an old friend wants to speak with us, but can't make every fifth word or so clear to us. Then begins the stress, as our loved ones tend to lose their patience and fail to return our calls, which then makes us wonder why ... I know ... I'm quite deaf and am heading towards 74 yrs of age. Being a retired electronics engineer, the Decibel is no stranger to me and when Hearing Direct tell you that their phones amplify the initial telephone line level by 35dB, it might make more sense if they said, the line level is amplified just over 3,100 times! However, the Amplicon PowerTel 580 phones go beyond that. Because the earpiece of the telephone is small, it behaves in similar fashion to tweeter loudspeakers, only more so, simply because it is smaller than a tweeter loudspeaker, and it is a law of physics that smaller transducers (loudspeakers) favour the higher frequencies. Amplicon engineers know quite a bit about this phenomenon and they have used it to great advantage. Knowing the phone is going to be used by those with impaired hearing, they have so shaped the earpiece response curve to accentuate greatly those frequencies that we would not normally hear. Result? We hear natural speech, crystal clear, with all the esses and tees, even the aitches are heard. Our stress disappears and we have a normal, natural conversation. To the caller, you have reverted to the friend they once knew ... intelligent, witty, natural, relaxed. I've a great deal to thank Hearing Direct for. My answerphone may be heard through its telephone handset at the touch of a button and the rest of the family may use the handset simply by cancelling the extra amplification, which, by the way, they tell me this handset is much clearer than a lot of ordinary handsets with no special engineering. The phone base has a huge memory, storing far more numbers than you will ever need, hundreds, in fact. To be honest with you, it is the best ninety quid I've ever spent and you will only ever need one, because you may take it anywhere around the home, so you won't miss that important call. Incidentally, this not an advert, these are the facts. If your hearing is impaired, this is better than money in the bank, for it will bring another dimension to your life ... it did mine. If you feel that you are being treated shabbily, the PowerTel 580 will likely put an end to it ... and if you live alone, like many of my age, you may pick up the phone and talk to a dear friend ... and he or she will sound clearer than when you meet them face to face, because all the sound is trapped inside your ear, so nothing is wasted. Thank you Amplicom and thank you Hearing Direct for a wonderful on line service. It's a '5' from me. Do take care. David Jones. Isle of Wight.