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Amplicom PowerTel 700 Compared To PowerTel 500

Unfortunately the Amplicom 700 and the Amplicom 500 are no longer available. View our current full range of amplified cordless phones here. If you are after an amplified phone to better manage your hearing loss, you will surely come across the name Amplicom. The company makes a wide range of hard of hearing devices, from phones to alarm clocks and has recently introduced to market its newest models, the PowerTel 700 and 701. Their previous model, the PowerTel 500 was extremely successful for the hearing impaired and in industrial sites where, due to background noise, a normal off the shelf phone just did not cut it. So the question is, how does the Amplicom PowerTel 700 compare against the trusted PowerTel 500. We will start by saying that if you are looking for a phone to manage your hearing loss, either option will work well. This immediate conclusion is based on features that the two models share. Each is suitable for a wide range of hearing losses due to their adjustable volume controls, each is compatible for those hearing aid wearers using their ‘T’ setting. Each also includes all the standard features you come to expect from any phone these days such as handsfree speaker option, visual ring indicator, caller ID and backlit keypad. So How Do The Two Compare In Amplification Features:
Feature PowerTel 500 PowerTel 700
Speaker Amplification Up to 35db Up to 40db
Ringer Amplification Up to 90db Up to 90db
Distortion at Full Amplification Not Measured Only 1.5%
Equaliser Tone Control None Full
Automatic High Frequency Boost None Full
So while both the PowerTel 700 and PowerTel 500 will work well for most degrees of hearing loss, the latest PowerTel 700 is highly amplified phone with minimal distortion and high frequency boost.
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