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Amplicomms BigTel 200 Amplified Cordless Phone Review

Amplified Phone Review: Amplicomms BigTel 200


Please Note that the Amplicomms BigTel 200 has been discontinued, but we do have an extensive range of other Amplified Cordless Phones here.

Video Transcript For The Hard Of Hearing:

One of the questions we get very often here at HearingDirect is trying to understand which amplified cordless phones we sell are most appropriate, both in terms of what would suit the person using them, how many amplified handsets can you buy, that type of thing. So we thought we’d take one of the most popular models here and talk in a little bit more detail about it, and this one in this case, is the Amplicomms BigTel 200.

The Amplicomms BigTel 200 is our most affordable amplified cordless phone. It offers a great set of features and good levels of amplification or volume and has several features that make it a good quality, good value phone. It certainly as I’ve said more affordable and to what we do, but it certainly has some of the major advantages as a cordless technology available in the amplified or extra volume cordless phone range.

So if you look at the amplified phone itself, you can see some things stand out straight away. Certainly the oversize or large buttons with the dark background and the white lettering will make it very much easier to see and to use the phone. It also has several additional buttons and features on here that are very useful as an intercom facility where you can call internally if you have more than one handset and communicate between the handsets. A redial button here for previous numbers, and up here we have access to the inbuilt phonebook, which is a very popular feature. And then you can also use the menu buttons here to navigate through the various options of the phone. It has a very much larger font size in the display area here, and has a volume control on this side of the phone, and then a boost button to take the phone to its maximum volume potential on this side of the phone.

One of the other great features with this particular model is, up here we have two-speed dial numbers, so you can actually put your favourite person or favourite people or your favourite numbers into these two-speed dials, and simply press one or the other to immediately dial that particular number. As I said, this is not a particularly feature rich phone, so if you are looking to something that’s got good levels of amplification or volume, both in terms of ringer and in terms of voice, but if you’re looking for something that’s much simpler to use than the more complicated phones in the marketplace today but with a good display, then this is definitely the one to consider.

It is possible with this model that you can in actual fact add additional handsets to the base unit, so you can have up to four handsets in addition to the base unit. This one would plug into the telephone socket and into the mains, and then you can have an additional four units that just need to plug into the mains to charge up, and will pair with the base unit of this particular model. This particular model actually the BigTel 201 which is the extra handset, but it is the BigTel 200. They look very much the same, just a slightly different design on the base unit, that’s all.

So if you’d like to know anymore more about this, the BigTel range, it also comes as a different version to the answering machine in the base unit, called the BigTel 280, or indeed any of the other cordless phones or indeed any of the other range that we do here at HearingDirect, including digital hearing aids and a large number of other items, then you can call us on our customer service’s free phone number, which is 0800-032-1301 during the working week 9 to 5, or if outside of the working week over the weekend or in the evenings, you can email us at and we’ll normally respond within 24 hours. We hope to hear from you soon, and we hope you find this review of the BigTel 200 from Amplicomms has been helpful.

Main Features Of The Amplicom BigTel 200:

  • Extra-large dot-matrix LCD display with large characters and bright backlit display
  • Incredible sound with less than 2% distortion at full amplification
  • Amplified volume adjustment on handset >30 dB
  • Hearing aid compatible preferred (highest level)
  • Extra loud adjustable ringer volume >80 dB
  • Hands-free Speakerphone
  • Caller ID Presentation (CLIP) with storage of the last 30 incoming numbers
  • Phone book - 50 entries of name & number
  • 9 ringtones including 5 polytonic ring tones
  • Up to 100 hours standby operation time
  • Up to 11 hours of permanent talk time
  • 2 Direct-Dial memory buttons on handset (M1/M2)
  • DECT-GAP Standard for connection of up to 4 handsets per base station
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