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Amplicomms BigTel 202 Amplified Phone Review

Amplified Phones Review: Amplicomms BigTel 202

Amplicomms amplified phones are designed to improve communication for the hearing impaired and the Amplicomms BigTel 202 can do exactly that.


Please note that the Amplicomms BigTel 202 twin set phones has been discontinued. Check our our extensive range of Amplified Cordless Phones here for alternatives.

Video Transcript For The Hard Of Hearing: This is a Hearing Direct review of the Amplicomms BigTel 202 twin set phones.

As you can clearly see, these are sold as a preboxed combined twin set or pair of telephones. You can see that we have two base units here and the two handsets. You will see that there is a difference between the two base units. In the case of this one, you can see that there is a cable preattached to the back of the base unit and in this case, the cable is inside the box and that actually does the required plugging into the power socket. The difference between the two is this is the base unit, this one here the larger one and this is the one that must be connected to the telephone socket, whereas this one can be placed anywhere else in the property once this one has been set up and clearly the two will then communicate with each other.

So some of the features of the Amplicomms BigTel 202, it's a very good price, it's the budget range if you like from the Amplicomms brand, it does have good size buttons and good size screen. It has amplification up to 30 decibels which is about middle of the range in terms of maximum levels of amplification available in cordless phones. The most powerful go up to around 40 decibels which although only 10 decibels more and sounds only like a third more again, the decibel scale being logarithmic rather than linear, they are considered to be louder. So there are certainly more powerful phones in the market but these are good price and they do deliver a good degree of clarity.

A few of the features of the phone, when we are looking at the handset, you can see up here there is an M1 and an M2 which the speed dial buttons so you can program, certain members of the phone book can be allocated one of these two speed dial buttons for ease and convenience of quick dialing. Both handsets are hearing aid compatible, so if you are using a hearing aid in its telecoil program then either of the two handsets when placed in reasonable proximity to the hearing aid will communicate directly to the hearing aid and the volume that they play, the sound out will be dictated by the setting within the hearing aid. The phones actually themselves have a phone book built into them, so you can store multiple numbers and names of friends and family and those are accessible through the up and down arrows here, having first selected the phone book. Both handsets also come with a speaker phone. So they can be used in a hands-free fashion. So if you wanted to activate that, when the call comes in you would be pressing the green button to answer the call which would then activate this part of the phone to be able to hear through and obviously speak through here. However, if you press the button again with a live call, it will then in fact activate-deactivate here and from a point of view of holding up to ear and will set the phone into its speaker phone mode, so that the phone can then be used without your hands and placed on the table for example.

Just looking at the side of the phone here you can see volume control here which is plus or minus, this is the handset ringer, so you can see hear the handset actually rings while at the base unit. This is the battery compartment here and then on this side you have the boost button. And the way the boost button works is this effectively what you need to do is press the boost button to set the phone to being capable of maximum level of amplification. Once set you would then increase the volume to maximum to get the maximum out put of the phone which is you could see is written here is 30 decibels and you can see also up here 30 decibels and that's what turns the phone into maximum volume mode.

Just a few more aspects with regards to the phone’s performance, you got the ability to page the phone here in case you aren’t sure as to where the handset is located and final thing to mention about this twin set as is true for many the great advantage of buying them as a twin set like this rather than as individual items which can be done, the twin set will come prepaid, so in effect all you need to do is the plug this into the phone socket and the power socket and plug this one into just the power socket and the phones will be ready paired and ready to go.

So all in all we know this phone, we sell an awful lot of this particular twin set. It's good value. It's got a good level of amplification and a good set of features but not too complicated. But if you like to know more about the Amplicomms BigTel 202 or any of the phones at Hearing Direct, then please do call one of our experts on 0800-032-1301 during the normal working week 9 until 5, where outside those hours you can email us at

Main Features Of The Amplicomms BigTel 202:

  • Extra-large dot-matrix LCD display with large characters and bright backlit display
  • Incredible sound with less than 2% distortion at full amplification
  • Amplified volume adjustment on handset >30 dB
  • Hearing aid compatible preferred (highest level)
  • Extra loud adjustable ringer volume >80 dB
  • Hands free Speakerphone
  • Caller ID Presentation (CLIP) with storage of the last 30 incoming numbers
  • Phone book - 50 entries of name & number
  • 9 ring tones including 5 polytonic ring tones
  • Up to 100 hours stand-by operation time
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