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Amplicomms HS 1200 Wireless TV Listener Review

Review of the Amplicomms HS1200 TV listener for the hard of hearing. This TV listener is completely wireless and features plug-n-play connectivity.

Please note that the Amplicomms HS 1200 is no longer available. Check out our range of Wireless TV Listeners here for alternatives.

Video Transcript For The Hard Of Hearing:

This is a review of the HS 1200 from Amplicomms. HS 1200 is a really super comfortable lightweight headset that is designed to enable you to listen to the television completely wirelessly at your own chosen volume while leaving the television volume completely unaffected for others. The way that the headset works is it has this main unit here which separates away from the headset itself, and the main unit here is designed to do two things, it is designed to obviously hold the headset when it’s not in use, but it also connects to the television, and then is responsible for broadcasting the signal from the base unit and the television wirelessly to this headset.

So the lights on here are to show that it is charging, that the signal is there, and that there is power to the unit on the back of here, we have the connection options red and white connection options to the television, so cables come from here, and go into the red and white ports on television. You can select mono or stereo this is where we plug in the power, so this would need a power socket attaching or power supply which comes with it plugged into a mains power socket and obviously attached to the television, and this is the on/off switch for the base unit.

Once all connected up and powered up you can then use the headsets, and in order to do so I will just make the base unit out of the way, we can look at the headset now in a bit more detail, you can see here there is on and off switch for the headset, a signal conformation that its receiving a signal, power is on, this is the battery access to the battery compartment to change the batteries, and this is the volume control which is available separately on either of the two ears, so you can have separate volumes in either ear.

Super comfortable, adjustable, headset which can be used for extended periods of time, several hours between charges, details can be found on the website webpage and once the batteries are depleted it can be, the batteries can be replaced by those that are contained in the unit. As I said very, very comfortable, very light weight good long usage time and because of the earmuff style you have enclosure of the ears and so the sound quality really is superb. The broadcast style or type from the base unit to the headset is using radio wave transmission, that means that the base unit does not need to be within line of sight of the headset. So you can put the base unit behind or away from the television and you don’t need to maintain line of sight. It’s a key part of many TV listeners, utilizing radio transmission means that you, unlike infra-red, a bit like the remote controls on televisions, you don’t need to be within line of sight of the headset and base unit, if you are using infra-red version, if you get an interruption in that line of sight then the signal is lost until the line of sight is reestablished, whereas these do not require that, you can have a constant transmission to the headset even if you are out of sight of the base unit itself.

As with all products from Hearing Direct this TV Listener can be found available online, and you can contact our customer services team for any more information required, they are available on 0800-032-1301 anytime during the working week, alternatively you can contact us outside the working hours through our email address which is

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