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Amplicomms PowerTel 60 Amplified Phone Review

Amplified Phone Review: Amplicomms PowerTel 60 Amplified phones are designed to improve communication for the hearing impaired and the Amplicomms PowerTel is a prime example.


Please note that the Amplicomms PowerTel 60 is no longer available. Check out our extensive range of Amplified Corded Phones here for alternatives.

Video Transcript For The Hard Of Hearing:

This is a review by Hearing Direct of the Amplicomms PowerTel 60 desk telephone. Put in its most simplest sense, this is the loudest phone in production today. So if you want the absolute loudest phone money can buy then the PowerTel 60 is the right model for you. I would issue a slight word of caution when the phone is at its maximum level of amplification it is actually quite uncomfortable to listen to if you have normal levels of hearing which is why some of the features we will talk about in a moment, it will become obvious as to why they are not permanently activated or engaged.

So looking at the phone itself, you have got a good size display here for caller identification and the phone book and the recent call list, etc. You also have a couple of speed dial buttons here, M1 and M2, which are designed to contain or represent two members of the phone book that you can dial instantly by simply pressing the red M1 or M2 button You have got visual caller displays here and the most important area really I suppose about the phone is this button here which is the plus 60 DB and that is the button that will take this phone to its maximum level of amplification, so if you wanted to turn the phone up to use it up to the maximum, you remove the handset here and you turn the volume wheel up to maximum of 9 and then you would press this boost button and that would take the phone into its maximum volume, although leaving the boost button engaged you can actually turn the phone down a little by using that number wheel.

This button here is designed to turn the phone into its hands-free speaker mode which again is a very popular feature for those looking for a particularly loud phone. This phone will require its own power source. So it does need to have a telephone socket like all phones but in addition, it would need to have a power socket too, otherwise, a lot of the significant amplification will be lost and a lot of the features will be lost.

The good news is though even in the event of the power cut, the phone at least will continue to function albeit some of the amplification and some of the features will not be available.

So looking just at couple of more details at some of the others, phone on the side for example, these volume and tone and levels of–and types of ring, all of these features here with these buttons are designed to be used to adjust the ringing functionality of the phone itself, so the ringing volume and the tone. Then looking at the back, you have got three sockets here, this is for the telephone line, so this would then go away into the wall socket for connection to the telephone point. Here is where I was talking about the power duct that would come into place, so this is where you would need to plug in the separate power source and this is an optional use here, you can attach a vibrating pad to this input here, again designed to perhaps go under a pillow or in some other fashion it may be under an armrest or something to indicate that the phone will be ringing by using vibrating sensation, and then looking on this side, all you have on this side is the cable socket for the bottom here of the handset which with curly cable in place will obviously connect the handset to the phone.

The PowerTel 60 is wall-mountable and if you wanted to do that, you would simply reverse this button here so that the handset would hook and stay in place once on the wall.

So all in all, a very good phone, extremely popular because it is our loudest phone, it is the loudest phone in production, we have caller identification, so a really good buy if you are looking for something for somebody that really does have a quite a significant hearing loss and they are struggling to hear on the phone but if you like some more details about this or any of the other phones we sell here at Hearing Direct then please do give us a call on 0800-032-1301 anytime during the working week 9 until 5, or if it's outside of those hours then you can email us at

Main Features Of The Amplicomms Powertel 60:

  • Premium hearing aid compatibility (improved reception in the receiver)
  • Amplification of the receiver volume to +60 dB
  • Receiver volume control
  • Adjustable ringing tone volume
  • Hands-free function
  • Illuminated dialling buttons
  • Easy to use thanks to large buttons
  • Optical indication of incoming calls (LED)
  • Illuminated display with the current time
  • Caller ID and call log / 32 calls (CLIP)
  • Alphanumeric phonebook / 32 entries
  • Menu in 8 languages:
  • Indication of the call duration
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