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Amplified Phones Not Just For The Hard Of Hearing

Amplified phones belong to a group of amplified daily living aids normally refereed to as ALDs or Assistive Listening Devices. The group consists of a number of extra loud aids from alerting devices to doorbells, the most popular of which are amplified phones. These telecommunication devices are useful not only for the hard of hearing, but for use by those with normal hearing people in challenging listening environments.

What Are Amplified Phones?

For the hard of hearing or for use in severe background noise, normal phones are just ineffective. Whether the incoming call alert is not loud enough or speech levels which are not clear enough, normal phones simply cannot provide the degree of amplification required. Amplified phones tackle these issues by offering state of the art phones with an amplified ringer and significant speech volume amplification.

Who Would Benefit From Amplified Phones?

1. The hard of hearing - The US has, according to recent statistics, over 36 million hard of hearing and the UK has over 9 million. The vast majority are considered as having mild to moderate hearing loss. Amplified phones and other ALDS are a useful solution for people in these groups.

2. Building and construction sites - Amplified phones often include other sensory clues as to an incoming phone call. Some phones include vibration and others flashing lights, in addition to an amplified ringer. These sensory clues are very useful in building sites where machinery noise may drown out an incoming phone call alert.

3. Industrial sites and factories - In other sites such as factories the background noise can be constant and an off-the-shelf phone will not suffice. In such cases, amplified phones will not only allow the user to hear the incoming call, but their amplified speech levels will help ensure the person on the other end of the line can be heard.

The leading providers of amplified telephones are UK based Geemarc and Germany based Amplicom. Both offer sophisticated products at an affordable price tag.

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