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Need help? Call us on 1-800-216-2331

Extra Loud Desk Phone Christmas Present Idea

Amongst so many innovative and exciting products being introduced by HearingDirect this season, there is an extra loud desk phone that warrants a bit of special attention. Doro are renown for producing perfectly packaged phones where simplicity is key. The Doro MemoryPlus 319i is no exception to this rule. The Doro MemoryPlus is just one of those phones where attention to detail has been vigorously applied, from the easy to grip handset and cradle to the oversized buttons that make dialling so much simpler. There are no unnecessary extras with this phone; instead Doro have concentrated on making the basic functions work beautifully. Put an end to constantly missing phone calls you just can’t hear with this extra loud desk phone. The volume and tone is easily adjusted ensuring your user experience is both comfortable and productive. With a bit of time spent setting up the phone at the beginning, you can benefit from picture button instant speed dialling, where your friends and family can be reached at a click of a button. Additional features include:
  • Optional protective keypad cover
  • Adjustable voice volume of 35dB and ringer volume of 93dB
  • 4 one-touch speed dial picture buttons
  • High contrast keys with reflective sheen for extra visibility
  • Telecoil compatible
Other extra loud desk phones to consider include the Geemarc PhotoPhone 100, the Geemarc PhonePhone 300 (a more advanced version) and the Amplicom PowerTel 68. All offer amplification where it’s needed most, Photo ID for those special people in your life and big button keypads to make operating your phone easier. So, make sure you stay in touch with your loved ones this winter and enjoy some great technology at simply amazing prices! Check out the HearingDirect website for more details concerning our range of extra loud desktop telephones or call us on our dedicated helpline if you require further information.
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