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Geemarc AmpliDECT 350 Amplified Cordless Phone Review

Geemarc amplified phones make communication easier for those with hearing loss and provide an expansive range of amplified telephones and mobile phones. There is an increasingly comprehensive range of cordless phones designed for use by people with hearing impairment. Some of these phones have simple additional amplification whereas others have amplification with specific Telecoil compatibility. The AmpliDECT 350 is manufactured by Geemarc and positioned as having a comprehensive feature set as well as innovative internal circuitry that cuts down on interference when used with Telecoils of either digital or analogue hearing aids.

Geemarc AmpliDect 350 Amplified Cordless Phone

The basic features are shared with the AmpliDECT range. They are typically intuitive, clearly explained within the user guide or ultimately, if required, well supported by Geemarc’s helpline. The helpline is staffed by people who genuinely know the products and is a real benefit to those unsure of how to get the best from one’s phone. Well done Geemarc for resisting the temptation of overseas call centres. The features include four memory buttons placed at the top of the phone for the most frequent used numbers. A good clear screen although the blue colour may not be to everyone’s taste. The buttons are backlit, large and well spaced so present no problem for all, but those suffering with severe dexterity issues. There is a selection of ringtones all of which can be amplified both on the base set and the handset. There is also a boost button, easy to use amplification buttons and a tone control. It has a good handsfree function which does work well though I think that Geemarc’s promotional video is optimistic in showing quite how far the user can sit away from the phone. It is not the most powerful cordless phone on the market with a quoted +30dB of amplification and it does not have an integrated answer phone but its overall feature set and performance make this a very credible performer. Finally like the other phones within the AmpliDECT range. there are additional peripheral functions of clock, alarm, flashlight etc., but it is the T-coil compatibility that this phone is designed for, so how does it perform? There is no doubt that Geemarc have done a good job in reducing circuit interference when used in conjunction with a Telecoil. On the hearing aids trialled all worked well with minimal background hiss or static. A note of caution, though – we only trialled the phone in conjunction with digital hearing aids, so those still using an analogue hearing aid products may not have quite the same result. Like all other Geemarc products from the AmpliDECT range, additional handsets are available which only require power, so it is easy to equip a house with a number of stations from only a single phone point. It does have competition from other manufacturers but in summary, this is a well designed robust phone that will serve someone using a hearing aid with a telecoil well.
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