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Geemarc CL7400 TV Listener Review

Hearing Direct review of the incredibly popular Geemarc CL7400 wireless TV listener for the hard of hearing.

Please note that the Geemarc CL7400 is no longer available. Alternatives are available on our Wireless TV Listeners collection page here.

Video Transcript For The Hard Of Hearing:

This is a review of the Geemarc CL7400 TV Listener. This TV listener is one of the very first TV Listeners to come with a headset style rather than stethoscope style headset, so we can see here there are two parts to this, there is the headset which we should put down momentarily, and there is the base unit. This base unit does two things, three things in fact actually, it acts as a stand and a charging supply for the headset itself when it’s not in use. It also broadcasts the output from the television to the headset via wireless transmission, radio transmission and then on the reverse you can see that it also is designed to connect to the television via the red and white audio in and out sockets on your television. Here is the direct headphone socket, if you wanted to put a headphone set directly into the unit, rather than using the wireless transmission, this is the on and off button, and this button here is designed to pair this with the headset, although when brought together as they normally are they are pre-paired and preset together.

So in order to use the CL7400 you would connect up to your television audio in and out here, switch the units on, pair it if it’s not paired, this set is paired already, and then that will then broadcast the output of the television to this headset here, which can be charged underneath you can see there are two metallic contacts on the top you can see the contacts and those are lined up using two arrows here and here, so that when it’s not in use, the headset is placed on the stand and can be charged.

When in use lift the headset off, move that base unit back for a moment, and we can now look at the headset itself. Very, very comfortable, very soft earmuffs here and obviously because there are an earmuff style you get an enclosure of your ear and that really does help improve sound quality. The sound from these having used them myself is really very, very good high quality sound. You got volumes controls on both ears that can be adjusted separately and if we look at this side here, you can see that the headset itself can collapse, so it can be easy to carry and store and then on this side, on this side of the headset you have got to tone, your volume and power.

So you can select these two, this is your volume, this is your tone, and then when either one of these are selected when you use these up and down, they will then adjust whether it’s the tone or the volume that you decided you want to adjust for each individual ear. The headset itself is designed for extended use, and so it can be used for many hours without recharging, and then it can be put back onto the stand to recharge over night, but its light weight and extremely comfortable and the sound quality really is very good. It is quite simple to connect to the television, and it’s a radio transmission rather than infrared, and so it does not require a constant line of sight between the headset and the base unit, you can move the base unit behind the television or out of sight if you require, and the connection to the headset will remain.

All in all a very, very good TV Listener almost certainly one of our most popular TV Listeners here at Hearing Direct, but if you would like advice about this model, how to connect it, or indeed any other headset models that we offer here at Hearing Direct, then you can call our customer services team on 0800-032-1301 anytime during the working week, or alternatively outside of those hours you can get a hold of us by email through

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