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Hearing Aid Battery Manufacturers

hearing aid batteries brands Once you immerse yourself in the world of hearing aids, you will find yourself shopping on a regular basis for the batteries to power them. The good news is that there is a large selection of reputable brands to choose from, including Duracell, Energizer, Rayovac and Siemens. Whether budget, reliability or shelf life has a bearing on your selection, there is something for everyone. There are four main sizes of hearing aid batteries available and we at HearingDirect have made sure we stock a variety of different options to fit your personal requirements. The size of the battery you require will be dictated by the type of hearing aid you have. To make things simple, all battery sizes are identified by a colour coding, regardless of the manufacturer. So, if you know that you need size 13 batteries, you will only buy those with an orange tab. Size 10 – the smallest battery size often linked to the tiniest hearing aids such as the CIC, ITC and ITE models. (Yellow tab) Size 312 - is normally applicable to Behind the Ear hearing aids. Battery life can be expected to last approximately 7 days, depending upon usage. (Packaged with a brown tab) Size 13 – is usually applicable to slightly larger behind the ear devices that require greater amplification and often telecoil connectivity. These also tend to have greater longevity and are expected to last between 10 and 14 days assuming they are used for approximately 14 hours a day. (Identified with an orange Tab) Size 675 – the largest battery within our range, generally utilised to power the bigger hearing aids and cochlear implant aids. (Blue tab) With the size of battery you require firmly established, you can then move on to selecting the manufacturer. HearingDirect offer five different makes, all renown for their reliability and performance, spanning from the top of the range to budget brands. The choice is yours. Duracell – is a mainstream, premium brand battery manufacturer, with an enviable reputation for producing long lasting, powerful batteries. When bought as a multipack, the price per battery is unbeatable. With Duralock technology, they are also guaranteed to last ten years locked up in a draw, so you really have nothing to lose by stocking up. Panasonic – A premium brand providing an enhanced performance that you can rely on. The latest wave of innovation means that Panasonic Zinc Air batteries are now ideally suited to new generation digital hearing aids, thanks to the introduction of a Teflon layer, designed to optimise airflow. This means the batteries will provide consistent power regardless of the temperature. Powerone – Manufactured in Germany, this is the NHS battery of choice and sits firmly in the middle of our range for battery life and pricing. Rayovac – is by far the most popular of all our battery providers, with value for money and reliability being a key focus in the design of this range. Zenipower – is a value brand that offers a simple but effective source of power that you can rely on, all at a great price. Pricing at HearingDirect, including our hugely competitive multipack deal.
Single Pack of 6.Size 10, 312, 13 and 675 Multi Pack of 60.*Size 10, 312, 13 and 675
Duracell £2.99 £24.99
Panasonic £3.29 N/A
Powerone £2.49 £19.99
Rayovac £1.69 £14.99
Zenipower £1.49 £12.99
*Free delivery for those orders over £20.00 in value. Prices accurate at time of writing.
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