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How to Maintain Good Ear Hygiene

Regular cleaning and examination of the ears should form an important part of one’s overall hygiene regimen.


Although a healthy ear will naturally clean itself, it is important to watch out for potentially harmful conditions. Earwax, for example, serves as a natural protector of the inner ear canal against dust, small particles or insects that may otherwise damage it. However, if its amount is excessive and causes discomfort, it may be necessary to carefully remove it by using appropriate assistive tools. In cases when the earwax has thickened, it may be necessary to ask a hearing specialist for help. Such a problem should not be ignored because it may lead to a serious condition such as hearing loss. That is why any signs of hearing difficulties should be immediately addressed by a professional.

People wearing hearing aids should be even more careful about excessive amounts of earwax, because it may interfere with the smooth functioning of the device, damage its components and disrupt the user experience with an annoying feedback effect and whistling sounds. It is important to note that the use of hearing aids further increases the chances for earwax build-up, therefore all hearing aid users should take good ear hygiene seriously. It is advisable to regularly visit your audiologist for examinations, as they will be able to professionally and safely remove the amassed cerumen if necessary.

If you try to clean the earwax at home, it is very important to do it properly and avoid the possibility of pushing it deeper back into the ear canal and cause further complications. At Hearing Direct’s you will find several products that are suitable to use for ear cleaning. They will also help to keep your ears naturally lubricated and sooth the skin of the outer ear or behind the ear, which may become irritated by the hearing aid, depending on the model and type.

When cleaning earwax by inserting different objects such as cotton swabs in the ear, there is a potential risk to damaging the ear canal or ear drum. The Earpal Ear Wax Remover is designed to safely remove the cerumen from the ear canal and its shape is specifically designed in a way that cannot damage the eardrum.

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